Polymax R2.5 | Polyester Underfloor Insulation | Description

Timber floors can have a natural beauty when polished but they can feel quite cold in winter and unnecessarily warm in summer. This not only makes them uncomfortable, but it also causes more energy use to combat the discomfort, more heating in winter and more cooling in summer.  Even carpet and underlay only adds the tiniest amount of insulation value to wooden floors.

The answer is to insulate your floor with Polymax polyester rolls. Polymax is made by CSR Australia, especially for Australian wooden floors. 

Non-Toxic & Non-Irritant: allowing for people-friendly installation without the need for gloves, specialised equipment or glass splinters embedded in your skin

Eco-Friendly & Sustainable: made from minimum 40% recycled plastic bottles

Hydrophobic:  Not impacted by water spills.  If it gets wet, it will dry out and not need to be replaced

Fire Resistance: polyester insulation is a non-flammable material due to its self-extinguishing properties that prevent it from catching fire and it will not carry a flame

Noise Reduction: as an added bonus it will also help provide a sound barrier to reduce noise

High R Rated Insulation:  R2.5 underfloor is standard

Comes in Two Widths: Making it easier to get your project done.

Australian Made: Manufactured by Bradford CSR, and brought to you by ecoMaster, a well known Australian energy efficiency business.

AU/NZ Building Code: is compliant with Australia/NZ building insulation regulations

    The best, most cost effective way to insulate your floor is to do it yourself. That's why we have produced easy-to-follow "How to" videos" for you to Do it Yourself. 

    Polymax underfloor insulation comes in two different widths. To make sure you order the correct width for your project.  Be sure to check out the Specs tab.