Polymax Wall Insulation Batts | ecoMaster | Description

Polyester insulation is the best wall insulation for Australian homes. It is a high-performing, low-allergenic, moisture- and rodent-resistant insulation solution. It maintains its loft for the lifetime of your home.

The addition of wall insulation batts will allow you to take control of your energy consumption as they prevent your winter heating from escaping and the summer heat from penetrating your living spaces. The result? A more comfortable home and significantly lower heating and cooling costs!

Help keep your indoor temperature as you like it from all directions along with reducing outside noise from entering your home! 

Fitting polyester insulation in your walls increases the barrier between the outside temperature and internal temperature. This product is specially designed for the thermal insulation of timber and steel-framed buildings. 

You can use it any time you find your walls are not keeping the temperature to your standards. They come as batts already cut to fit standard timber framing.

There are minimum order quantities of:

  • 10 packs of the 430mm/75mm variant
  • 10 packs of the 580mm/75mm variant
  • 12 packs of the 430mm/90mm variant
  • 10 packs of the 580mm/90mm variant