RP1 | Fluffy Roller | Door Seal | Description

Blocking draughts from hinged doors that open over carpet or rising floor levels is a cinch with the RP1. This soft, fluffy rolling door seal attaches to the inside bottom of your hinged door. Picture a permanently attached rolling door snake that creates a seal between the door and floor. Conditioned air stays where it’s needed most!

Draught proofing is a vital step in maintaining a stable temperature indoors. In fact, it is the first step you take in making you more comfortable, your home is more energy efficient and your energy bills are lower. But draught proofing rooms with carpet or rising floor levels can be tricky. Sweep and brush door seals are not effective on these surfaces. Chilly draughts and hot summer air can filter into your living space through door seal gaps. Suddenly, it’s not so comfy and you’re tempted to turn up the air conditioning.Relax. The experts at ecoMaster have you covered.When it comes to internal door seals, Raven RP1 provides a low-cost DIY solution. You can attach these high quality door seals to bottom edges of hinged doors, wooden doors and inward opening external doors where other draught excluders can’t be fitted.Why not buy an easy to install RP1 seal and help keep your home comfortable all year round?