RP16 | Astragal | French Door Centre Seal | Description

A home's double doors can bring elegance and practicality, making them a widely sought-after feature. They could, however, also be a cause of chilly draughts, which would reduce your home's comfort level and energy economy. The RP16 door seal enters the picture here.

The purpose of the RP16 door seal is to provide an airtight barrier between French or double timber doors in order to prevent draughts. The aluminum carrier that this weather seal is composed of keeps the silicon blade safe and functional.

The RP16 seal efficiently stops air leaks when it is put correctly, which lowers the need for excessive heating or cooling and helps to maintain a constant interior temperature. This weather seal makes your house more energy-efficient and lowers your power costs by preventing drafts.

Screws are included for a solid fit, and installing the RP16 door seal is a simple task. It provides ideal thermal comfort while blending in perfectly with the appearance of your double doors thanks to its elegant design and dependable operation.

Invest in the RP16 door seal for your double doors to improve comfort and energy efficiency in your house. Bid farewell to chilly draughts and welcome to a comfortable home throughout the year.