RP26 | 20mm Gap | Sweep Seal | Description

A very strong and reasonably priced door bottom seal or draught excluder is the RP26 Sweep Seal. The RP26 provides a practical way to seal double doors and keep draughts out of your house thanks to its excellent quality and simple installation.

In contrast to the RP5 and RP17 sweep seals in the range, the RP26 is clearly a more robust choice. Although the RP17 is the least expensive model in the series and the RP5 is usually used for security doors, the RP26 offers improved durability without sacrificing price.

The direction in which the door opens must be taken into account while installing the RP26. The floor behind the door should be level rather than sloping upward if it opens inward. This guarantees the best possible sealing performance and an efficient installation of the sweep seal.

Although a sweep seal installation may need for sophisticated do-it-yourself abilities, the RP26's user-friendly design makes the process quite simple. You can benefit from increased energy efficiency and a more comfortable living space with correct installation.

Select the RP26 Sweep Seal because to its robustness, affordability, and simplicity of installation. This dependable door bottom seal allows you to enjoy a well-sealed double door and wave goodbye to draughts.