RP78 | Acoustic BAL Rated | Perimeter Seal | Description

The RP78 door seals will improve your living area because they are made to reduce noise and increase comfort. This multipurpose product benefits your home by acting as both a sound barrier and a weather seal. When it comes to door seals, the RP78 is a unique option because of its well-known acoustic qualities.

The BAL FZ-compliant RP78 provides assurance in terms of both quality and safety. Because of its flexibility, it can be readily trimmed during installation to ensure a proper fit, making it a versatile choice for a range of door sizes. The RP78 is useful in entertainment areas where sound transfer control is crucial, even though it is typically used on exterior doors to keep drafts and noise out of your house.

RP78 door seals are a cost-effective way to create a more tranquil and cozy space. With this high-quality product, you can improve your living area and raise the ambience of your house by combining performance and functionality. With RP78 door seals, bid adieu to drafts and undesired noise and hello to a calmer, more serene living environment.