Stop Bead Draught Dodgers | FAQ

Stop Bead Draught Dodgers

For Substantial Door Gaps


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What are Stop Bead Draught Dodgers?
A: Stop Bead Draught Dodgers are a chunkier version of Draught Dodgers and will fill up to a 25mm gap. They are Perimeter seals designed to effectively and permanently eliminate air leaking in and around doors and windows - door seals that actually work!


Q: What are Draught Dodgers for Doors made of?
A: Stop Bead Draught Dodgers for Doors are made from a high quality, sustainably harvested Tassie Oak. White 3012 Draught Dodgers for Doors are made from white-painted timber. Both are fitted with a high-quality vinyl compressive seal and extremely durable adhesive tape.


Q: Where are Stop Bead Draught Dodgers made?
A: The timber for Stop Bead Draught Dodgers is sustainably harvested in Australia. We manufacture Draught Dodgers in Victoria.


Q: I want to paint my Draught Dodgers. What should I watch out for?
A: Stop Bead Draught Dodgers can be painted either before fitting or after fitting. Please note that only the timber part of the Draught Dodgers should be painted. Do not attempt to paint the seals. To ensure a good result, apply an undercoat, sand, first coat, sand and final coat. If painting after installation, be sure to remove the seals first. Keep them in a safe place and refit them after the painting is complete.


Q: Is a fitting packer included?
A: No. As a distributor of ecoMaster, you should have many packers available to you.


Q: Do Stop Bead Draught Dodgers have a warranty?
A: We have a 2 year warranty on the product. As a distributor, you are responsible for the quality of the installation.


Q: How long will Stop Bead Draught Dodgers for Doors last?
A: When properly installed, they should last for a lot longer than 10 years.


Q: Can we have Stop Bead Draught Dodgers longer than 2.35m long?
A: We do not have the ability to manufacture, or ship mouldings that are longer than 2400mm. We generally dock 50mm off each moulding to remove timber processing marks. To draught proof a door that is longer than 2.4m you will need to join 2 mouldings together during installation.