Tim Forcey - My Efficient Electric Home Handbook | Description

Hey there, energy warriors! Ready to crack the code to a comfier, cheaper-to-run home with Tim Forcey’s book "My Efficient Electric Home Handbook"? This isn't just any book—it's your secret weapon against those pesky high energy bills, courtesy of Tim's adventures from chemical engineer to Melbourne's home energy hero.

Starting over a decade ago, after Tim got tired of forking out cash just to keep the lights on, he decided to shake things up. With a track record of jazzing up over 1,000 homes and some big thumbs up from AGL and their 800,000 customers, Tim's no stranger to the limelight. His energy wisdom has hit headlines from The Age Domain to ABC radio, making him a household name in energy efficiency.

Inside "My Efficient Electric Home Handbook," Tim spills the beans on how to lift you home's energy game. We're talking nifty DIY projects that won't break the bank, sprinkled with a ton of geeky, but easy-to-digest, technical know-how.

And it’s not just about tweaking your digs; it’s a full-blown movement! With over 115,000 members in his Facebook group, "My Efficient Electric Home," Tim's creating a tribe of savvy, eco-friendly homeowners ready to take charge of their energy use.

So, if you’re itching to dial down those bills and crank up the comfort, Tim's handbook is your go-to guide. Dive into this transformative world, join forces with Tim and a growing gang of energy-efficiency enthusiasts, and start making your home a lean, green, comfort machine today!