Valvecosy™ Insulating Cover | FAQ


Q: What is ValveCosy and how does it improve my hot water system? A: ValveCosy is a product designed to insulate the valve on hot water storage tanks, enhancing system efficiency and reducing heat loss.

Q: How easy is it to install ValveCosy?
A: ValveCosy is very user-friendly, designed for easy installation and removal for valve inspections.

Q: Is ValveCosy suitable for all hot water systems?
A: It fits most Pressure and Temperature Relief Valves (PTR), making it versatile for various hot water systems.

Q: How does ValveCosy help in saving costs?
A: By insulating the valve and reducing heat loss, it leads to lower energy bills, offering significant cost savings.

Q: Is ValveCosy an environmentally friendly option?
A: Yes, besides being Australian-made, its function of reducing energy consumption makes it an eco-friendly choice.