VHB Tape | FAQ

VHB Tape

OnSash that Sticks!

Q: How should I store VHB tape?
A: Store VHB tape in a cool / dry place. Whilst all the marketing materials say that this product will withstand high temperatures over a long period of time, its shelf life is only listed at 24 months.

We did have a product failure with a box of VHB. The account manager blamed our storage which was against a concrete wall that got 3-4 hours of afternoon sun. Ultimately, it was replaced.

Please use caution during the summer as it may not respond well to being left in a truck that is experiencing very hot temperatures over a long period of time. (Basically, reconsider storage options rather than leaving it permanently in a truck).


Q: How do I remove VHB tape?
A: VHB tape can be removed using WD-40, Goo Gone™ or a simple mixture of water and lemon oil. Since 3M designed VHB tape to be irremovable, 3M also manufactures two devices, the Smart Tool and the Stripe-Off Wheel, that are guaranteed to remove the VHB tape and residue from virtually any surface.