Winter Is Coming - Yep - It's an Annual Event!

Winter is coming!  Not surprisingly, it comes every year.  :-) :-) 

However, it is always a surprise to find out just how many people wait until the first cold snap of the year before they do anything about their energy efficiency retrofit journey.   

Stop looking for temporary solutions for long term problems.  Can we humbly suggest that is is time to look for quality solutions to problems that the majority of Australian's experience every year.  Not only are the majority of Australian homes are freezing cold in winter, but they are also very expensive in terms of heating, that you don't even feel.  With a cold, draughty home, that expensively warmed air leaks out of the home; leaving you cold, miserable and worse off financially. 

Looking at Aussie homes through a carbon-zero lens, a home that does not need huge amounts of heating in winter, is much more environmentally friendly and will have a low lower carbon footprint.  Zero carbon homes are a thing.. and many Aussie homes can join that a club that has far too few members at the moment. 

ecoMaster has all the quality solutions you need for a thermally efficient home:

  • Cut out the freezing winter wind with quality draught proofing solutions. Cold air will seep in through gaps and cracks around your home.  Chimneys are a major culprit for heating loss, that actually draw warmed air out of your home.  Door seals and window seals can make major shifts in your comfort and energy costs.  They can also make your home much quieter too - that a huge bonus for people who live on noise streets or traffic thoroughfares. 
  • Keep your expensive winter heating inside with the best ceiling insulation.  Australia is blessed with a number of excellent polyester manufacturers; the majority of them are Australian owned and run. 
  • Cosy toes will be yours this winter and every winter with our underfloor insulation.