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We have worked in the energy efficiency retrofit area for nearly two decades.  So there is so much to share.  Our Technical Director, Maurice Beinat, now focuses full time on research and development - solving common problems we have encountered during our time conducting assessments and retrofits. 

Some solutions are easy to develop, but the testing does take quite some time to ensure that we have a high quality solution that will stand the test of time.  And, of course, the filming of the installation videos can take up to 3 weeks to achieve a complete start-to-finish easy to follow, visual how to guide. 

Watch this space, we will soon be offering more solutions to support your energy efficiency retrofit journey.  

Draught proofing is generally the first place to start: 

* Chimney Draught Stoppers (for.. well.. chimneys, of course!)

* Draft Stoppas (for exhaust fans) 

* Door Seals

* Windows Seals 

* Gaps and Cracks 

We have recently released a brilliant solution for insulating underneath steel joists.  Click here

Since 2010 ecoGlaze is one of the products we have developed and offered. ecoGlaze is a secondary glazing system that adds components to the inside of windows to make them perform like double glazing.  It has kept thousand of Australians warmer in winter and cooler in summery, while significantly reducing their energy bills  The fact that ecoGlaze uses your existing windows, means that you are achieving energy efficiency without your single glazed windows being needlessly tossed into landfill. 

It is not only effective, but it is beautiful as well. Once installed, it blends seamlessly into your existing joinery.  We have released the DIY version of ecoGlaze to make it even more affordable.   Click here