RP1 - Fluffy Roller | Over Carpet | About

The RP1 rolling door seal is frequently used for draught proofing internal doors (that open over carpet or an uneven floor) and to zone out wet areas that don’t need to be heated or cooled.  They can also be fitted to your front and back doors. 


  • Soft, fluffy roller moves up and down to create a seal with a floor that may not be level
  • Can be cut down from 915mm to 800mm
  • Suitable for hinged external and internal doors
  • Highly durable
  • Spare fixings are available here


  • Door bottom seal is suitable for carpets and uneven surfaces, when sweep and brush seals don’t work effectively.
  • Reduces draughts so room temperatures stay comfortable.
  • Assists with zoning out wet areas and rooms that don’t need heating or cooling so often.
  • Helps improve your home’s thermal efficiency, which can reduce energy bills.
  • Does not affect how the door operates when installed correctly.