Easy Install Kit (Victoria Only) | Rental | FAQ

Q: How do I order the Easy Install Kit?
A: Due to the freight delays still being experienced, we are not shipping the Easy Install Kit interstate. Until freight returns to "normal", the Easy Install Kit will be for Melbourne only. Sorry team!

To proceed with your order, have it as the only item in the cart at checkout. At the checkout page for the EIK, select "Ship" on the delivery method and from there proceed with the "Collection - Preston Victoria" option. 

Q: What staples do you recommend?
A: We recommend 10mm, T50 Staples to be used.

Q: How long will the battery last? Will I be charging the stapler more than using it?
Under normal circumstances, the 1.5Ah battery will fire up to 1500 staples! 

Included in the kit is the 4.0Ah. Given most underfloor insulation jobs will use less than 5000staples, the 4.0Ah battery will require minimal recharges.  

Q: Will the stapler fire into hardwoods?
A: The 12V Milwaukee Stapler is built with an adjustable power dial, meaning you are able to turn up the power to fire, and adequately fix into even the hardest of timbers.