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Arrow T50 Staples

Arrow T50 Staples

For Underfloor Insulation

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A box of 1,250 or 5,000 Arrow T50 staples to get you started or help you complete your installation needs. Strong and durable staples allow the job to get done fast! 

These are the staples ecoMaster installers used for installing polyester underfloor insulation.

These staple are compatible with Milwaukee, Dewalt and Ozito brands.  If you have a different brand of stapler, please check with the manufacturer. 


At ecoMaster, creativity and meticulous attention to detail are fundamental to all we do. We started a rigorous experimentation process to find the perfect staple for anchoring insulation in place as part of our mission to provide the most effective and efficient underfloor insulation solutions. Our team of committed experts experimented with numerous staples of different lengths and styles to find the ideal one for the task.

Following a great deal of trial and discussion, our installers decided on a staple that was exceptional in terms of performance and longevity. This staple reduced any possible harm to the materials while also securing the insulation firmly in place. Its ideal length offered a firm grip without jeopardizing the insulation's structural integrity.


  • Arrow T50 Staples
  • 10 mm leg length (or 3/8") 
  • Choose from 1,250 or 5,000 staples in each box



  • 12 x 10 x 15 (parcel) 

This table shows the suggested number of staples required to install the underfloor insulation. A small allowance has been made for some "turn and tear" installations.

Insulation Product Staples Per Pack
Value Poly R2.5 - 450 350
Value Poly R2.0 - 600 440
Polymax R2.5 - 430 420
Polymax R2.5 - 450 640
Autex Greenstuf - 450 850


How To


Q: Can Arrow staples be used for underfloor insulation installation?
A: Yes, Arrow staples are the best staples to use for underfloor insulation installation. They are robust, reliable, and provide a secure fastening for polyester insulation. 

Q: Can I use staples to secure fibreglass / earthwool / pink batts under my floor?
A: No. Fibreglass including the brand names earthwood and pink batts cannot be secured using staples. Fibreglass insulation is made from spun glass splinters which are brittle and break when stapling is attempted. Polyester insulation can be very securely stapled into place for the long term with staples.


How will the order be delivered?

Orders would be delivered through tracked Australia Post.  If the staples are ordered with a product that is outside the acceptable dimensions of Australia Post (such as Underfloor Insulation) then alternative arrangements may be made. 

Can I collect?

Details on our collection facility are available here Click and Collect


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Customer Reviews

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Queenie V
Good strong staples

Good strong staples

Hi Queenie,

We're so happy to have you as a customer. Thank you for sharing your review with our community. It means a lot to us.

Michael Phillips

Excellent product

From the whole team here at ecoMaster we thank you for your review Michael!