Joisties Fitting Tool | Steel Underfloors | Description

Installing steel-framed floor insulation is simple with Joisties and Joisties Fitting Tools.

Joisties are semi-rigid boards designed to hold insulation in place under steel-framed floors while fixing the thermal bridging of a steel frame. Handy magnetic fitting tools help fit Joisties in the correct position and ensure they’re accurately aligned.

Steel framed home constructions are a great choice with many worthwhile benefits. However the floors in a steel-framed house can be challenging to install insulation. They conduct heat away from the floor, which can leave you feeling cold and uncomfortable in winter and they absorb more heat through the floor in summer leaving you hot and clammy, which can often be detrimental to your health in extremely hot climates or heat waves.

Turning up heating or cooling can be a costly way to try and get comfortable.

Insulation can’t be stapled to steel joists and up until ecoMaster invented Joisties this was a challenge for DIYers.

ecoMaster has drawn on 20 years of expertise installing insulation to create Joisties for steel-framed floors. The innovative insulation system is one of the highest-rated under floor solutions in the world for steel frames.

Joisties are made of polyester fibres compressed into firm boards. Premium Joisties Adhesive is applied to the Joisties.

Magnetic Joisties Fitting Tools snap onto the sides of box or C section steel joists to help position and align the Joisties boards. The Joisties Fitting Tools are strong enough to stay steady while fitting the Joisties, but are easy to remove and click into the next spot.

Once the Joisties are in place, it’s a simple job to install polyester insulation rolls.

Joisties create a steel frame thermal break so your entire floor is insulated effectively. They’re low cost, DIY-friendly with no mess or fuss. As a bonus, you can return intact and glue-free Joisties Fitting Tools for a 50% refund on the purchase price!