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Joisties Adhesive | Steel Joists

Joisties Adhesive | Steel Joists

Underfloor Insulation

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  • 100% Polyester
  • Made from 45% recycled plastic bottles
  • Not itchy, non toxic, non allergenic
  • Australian Made
  • Returns within 30 days


Joisties Adhesive is essential when you're using Joisties for insulating steel-framed floors.

Joisties are semi-rigid boards made from heat-bonded polyester fibres. These 1-metre long boards are glued to the underside of steel joists to hold up your polyester underfloor insulation and insulate your steel framing.

We've chosen H.B. Fuller Tool Box Original as the perfect adhesive for our Joisties. This non-toxic, superior performing product is easy to apply. It creates a durable, waterproof bond so Joisties stay securely in place.

Steel-framed floors need special consideration because steel transfers cold through your feet and into your body. Any gaps in floorboards will also allow draughts to filter through, making the room temperature unstable. Heating or cooling can be adjusted if you’re prepared to pay the high cost.

Floor insulation can help reduce heat loss by around 20% in winter and keep cool air where it belongs in summer. Stable temperatures improve your home’s energy efficiency and comfort. And that’s a win for you and your bank balance!

Under steel floor insulation is ideal but can be tricky to install. The best insulation to use is Polyester Insulation, but that cannot be stapled to steel joists. There are alternatives to adhering insulating strips with other adhesives. These options can be messy to use, slow to apply, have limited sticking power and may off-gas for a period of time.

Joisties Adhesive is high grade and does have staying power. Just dab along the centre of each Joistie then press them firmly against box or C section steel joists. Magnetic Joisties Fitting Tools make it simple to fit Joisties in the right position while the adhesive sets.

The Joisties system is one of the highest rated underfloor solutions for steel frame floors. This cost-effective solution creates a steel frame thermal break so your floors are insulated effectively. It’s DIY-friendly and easy to install with the Joisties Fitting Tools and Joisties Adhesive, with no mess and no fuss.

Choose ecoMaster’s Joisties – we’ve got you covered.


Choosing high quality adhesive ensures Joisties are fitted securely, so insulation performs effectively. Not just now, but for life.


  • Multi-purpose adhesive and sealant in one.
  • Very high grab strength.
  • Rapid bond development.
  • Stays permanently flexible.
  • Durable.
  • Suitable for a wide range of temperatures, from -40˚C to +90˚C.
  • Low VOC.
  • Salt and chlorinated water resistant.
  • Mould resistant.
  • Each cartridge glues about 30 Joisties when used according to instructions.
  • Made in Australia.


  • High performance product that cures to form a high strength, permanently flexible waterproof bond.
  • Can be used on box sections, C section floor joists and C section steel beams.
  • Creates a steel frame thermal break.
  • High grab factor so Joisties stay up permanently once applied.
  • Safe to use in low ventilation areas.
  • Ensures Joisties are effective in keeping your home warmer in winter and cooler in summer.



Joisties Adhesive One cartridge contains enough adhesive for about 30 Joisties
Trade name H.B. Fuller Tool Box Original (White)
Weight 400g per cartridge
For use with - Joisties
- Joisties Fitting Tools
Made in Australia


How To

Joisties Adhesive is simple to use and has great grab power to hold up Joisties permanently.

Cut the tip off the adhesive cartridge then angle cut the nozzle to the size you want. Apply about 10 x 5mm diameter dabs of adhesive along the centre of each Joistie. Firmly press boards into place using the Joisties Fitting Tools as a guide.

What you will need:

  • Utility knife to cut off the cartridge top and nozzle.
  • Caulking gun.
  • Joisties.
  • Joisties Fitting Tools.
  • And, of course, Polyester Underfloor Insulation


  • Use a caulking gun that retracts the plunger when you let go of the trigger – this avoids glue wastage.
  • When you cut the cartridge nozzle to size, make the opening large for ease of use.
  • Clean up excess adhesive while wet, using isopropyl alcohol or mineral turps.
  • Trim cured material with a knife or scraper.
  • Leave adhesive at least 24 hours before fitting polyester insulation rolls.
  • Use with Joisties Fitting Tools for best alignment and installation.

How to video:

Our ‘How to’ install Joisties, Part 2, to learn how to prepare and use Joisties Adhesive. The H.B. Fuller Tool Box Original technical data sheet is available here.


Q: Can I buy this adhesive elsewhere?
A: Yes you can but we aim to make it easy for you to buy all of your Joisties materials from us by providing a competitive price. If you find a better price elsewhere please let us know and we will do our best to beat it. 

Q: Are there other similar adhesives I can use?
A: Possibly there are but this is the one we have tested.  If you prefer to test your own adhesive that’s OK but we won’t be able to support you with that.

Q: How many Joisties can I expect to glue with each cartridge?
A: If you follow our installation video you should be able to do about 30 joisties per cartridge.

Q: Wouldn’t it be better to put the adhesive on the joists rather than on the joisties?
A: Possibly, but generally it’s harder to work overhead than downwards.



How are Joisties shipped?

Joisties, Joisties Fitting Tools and Joisties Adhesives are normally dispatched via Australia Post. Usually this takes about a week but can take longer. It’s best to plan ahead.

If you live in Victoria and ecoMaster is delivering your Underfloor Insulation then we can also deliver your Joisties at the same time. 

Where  can you deliver to?

Delivery via Australia Post is available to most locations with the exception of the Northern Territory and very remote areas.  If in doubt, give us a call on 1300 326 627 or contact us here

Can I collect?

Please click this link for the Click and Collect details.


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