Joisties | Steel Underfloor Insulation | Description

Improve your floor’s thermal efficiency and help to maintain a comfortable temperature all year round with Joisties. We’ve got you covered!

Innovative Joisties are one of the highest rated underfloor insulation solutions for steel-framed floors. ecoMaster’s Joisties adhere to steel joists to hold insulation in place, and reduce the loss of heated and cool through your floor. They’re Australian-made, non-toxic and easy to install.

If you are living in a steel frame home construction, you have many advantages over a wooden frame.

As you are living in this type of home you are no doubt aware that the steel frame is:

  • 1. Stronger and more durable than it’s wooden frame counterparts due to the steel fabrication being about 30% to 50% lighter than an equivalent wooden frame. Surprisingly, this makes your home far stronger and durable.
  • 2. Highly resistant to fire, as it should be treated with special flame retardant coating. If a fire does occur the coated steel will impede the spread of the fire.
  • 3. Mostly immune to the degrading effects of burrowing, wood eating insects and rodents
  • 4. Usually moisture resistant particularly with a hot zinc and extra powder coating treatment for enhanced rust resistance.

The primary disadvantage is that a steel frame construction is not known for its warmth because of its high efficiency in conductivity. It is very important that insulation is put in place to counteract the thermal conductivity of the steel frame. This means insulation is absolutely essential in the roof, the walls, and underneath the floor.

It’s not easy to insulate a steel frame underfloor – well not until now. ecoMaster’s Joisties has made it easy to make sure you get more than adequate insulation under your floor to stop the air flow and temperature conduction between the inside and outside of your home.

Staying comfy and healthy can be a real struggle as more energy is used to maintain the temperature, so bills can rise rapidly.

Floor insulation is fantastic for stopping air flow and reducing heat loss by around 20%. This barrier is ideal for keeping your home cool in summer too.

But insulating a steel framed floor can be tricky. Insulation can’t be stapled to steel joists so some DIYers use adhesive products which may be messy, dry slowly,last only a short time or off gas. Others try insulating strips to reduce heat and cold transfer via steel.

With more than 20 years of experience installing insulation, ecoMaster has created the ideal solution for installing under steel frame floor insulation.

Joisties are semi-rigid one metre-long boards made from heat-bonded polyester fibres. They’re simple to attach to insulate box or C section steel joists and hold up insulation rolls. Purchase your Polyester Insulation right here, grab your Joisties Fitting Tools and Joisties Adhesive plus a friend to help and you’re ready to start. You’ll be relaxing in comfort in no time!