Skylight Components (For Distributors Only) | FAQ

Q: What are the dimensions of your Underfloor Insulation?
A: Each PACK contains 3 ROLLS of premium R2.5 Polyester Insulation

One PACK covers 15.66m2 of floor area.

An ecoMaster PACK is a NON COMPRESSED cylinder 1.3m high and 1.3m in diameter and weighs 20kg.

ecoMaster Underfloor Insulation is NEVER Vacuum Packed.  This makes it is the very best underfloor insulation material available in Australia.

Each PACK contains 3 ROLLS that are 11.6m long x 0.45m wide x 120mm thick.

Q: What is the standard Price per m2 on UFI?
A: One pack costs $149 and covers 15.66m2That’s just $9.51 per m2.  
The installed cost depends on the difficulty of access and whether it is installed for you, or you install it yourself.

Q: How is it installed?
A: We install the insulation by stapling every 100mm to the bottom (lower edge) of the floor joists. This installation method ensures a tight fit with no chance of sagging, drooping or falling out. Please be aware that most standard joist depths are 90mm deep and the insulation is 120 mm thick this means that there is a little bit of pillowing - stapling every 100mm - 150mm will ensure it stays put and does the job!

Q: What stapler to use?
A: Using an electric stapler is something that we cannot stress enough for your safety due to the fact it will be double insulated, this means on the chance that you happen to hit an electrical wire it will not be a fatal accident. Also, if you have to staple more than 800 times for one pack, I can almost guarantee that your hands are going to hurt!
We use the Proline stapler and Arrow T50 galvanised staples - both available on the webstore.

Q: How many staples do I need?
A: For best result, choose 10mm galvanised staples, and allow about 800 staples per pack of insulation.

Q: What staples to use for very hard wood?
A: The staple we have used through trial and error is the T50 Arrow 10 mm staple.  These are available on our webstore. It staple leg length is long enough to ensure that it collects the desired amount of insulation, pierces the timber and holds in the stubborn hardwood floors.

Q: What clearance do I need under my floor?
A: if ecoMaster is installing the underfloor installation for you or you are looking at doing DIY; A minimum clearance of 400 mm is needed for a smooth installation. This clearance allows enough room for one installer and Insulation and a comfortable distance (as comfortable as you can be!) from you to the floor.
Our standard sizing and joist width is found by Clicking HERE.
To make sure that your insulation fits no matter how wide or narrow your joists are, Click HERE

Q: How much improvement would it make?
A: Without underfloor insulation, your floorboards are the same temperature as outside, this is due to the floorboards rating is R0.7.
With carpet and a great underlay, the rating is R1.0 and for many people an additional R0.3 is noticeable.  
When you add our underfloor insulation to your home, your floor will have a minimum rating of R3.2 with a timber floor, or R3.5 with carpeted floor.
With underfloor insulation installed, your floorboards are the same temperature as inside!

Q: Is there a noise reduction benefit?
A: All insulation has an acoustic benefit due to its density. Although, if you are after an acoustic performing batt, please be aware that the Sound Solution also comes with the highest R rating of R2.5.

Q: Does wind affect the effectiveness of underfloor Insulation?

A: Our underfloor insulation has a dense face which we ensure is facing downwards. Apart from being better for stapling through it also reduces wind penetration of the insulation.  Unless your underfloor is extremely windy, the wind will not penetrate into the insulation. In extreme circumstances you can either line the underfloor perimeter with bargeboards or line under the joists with Aircell Retroshield.

Q: What is our fire rating standard and how does it hold up against other products in this standard?
A: It complies with all fire rating standards. It is not legal to sell insulation in Australia that will carry a flame. We have a video on our YouTube Channel that shows our Technical Director trying to burn it with a blow torch.

Q: Do you have a warranty for this Insulation batts?
A: The GreenStuf Insulation from Autex carries a 50 year warranty.

Q: How about for the product installation, do you have a warranty for it?
A: As it is a DIY product, we cannot provide an installation warranty, as the installation process is outside of our control. However, if ecoMaster provides installation, we can comfortably guarantee that our installation process will last 10 years provided that there will be no external force applied - just as other trades or the impact of wombats.

Q: Can I cut the Greenstuf Underfloor insulation?
A: Manipulating our underfloor installation can be quite easy due to the manufacturer designing it to have a strong integrity when it is rolled out. If it is laying across you it is a LOT easier to tear as seen HERE. If using the turn and tear method is not something that you were interested in you are able to cut our installation with a fine metal cutting blade attached to a circular saw.
PLEASE NOTE This method may not be desirable due to the waste that will inevitably be produced and also reducing the coverage that the underfloor insulation pack will provide.

Q: Why leave the power on when Installing?
A: We recommend leaving the power on due to the convenience it will provide if you accidentally snag an electrical wire. It will also allow convenience of using corded light sources and staple guns.

Q: Do the staples rust?
A: Using the recommended galvanised staples, the staples will not rust due to the metals production process and being corrosion resistant.

Q: How long does it take to deliver?
A: Getting the material delivered may be a 4 day waiting period from purchase to ready for collection or delivery.  During peak seasons, the wait time is less AND often we can achieve a same day or next day delivery.

Q: How long does it take to pick-up?
A: If your insulation needs are urgent, you will need to purchase online to ensure we have adequate stock at our factory in Victoria. We have the ability to allow picks up from our factory during opening hours Mon to Fri - 9:30am to 4pm.
It is also possible to collect from the manufacturing plant in Heidelberg in Victoria or Wetherill Park in NSW.   Please be aware that your product will be manufactured to order.

Q: Can I just come and pay at the factory
A: To avoid disappointment and wasting your time, coming to pay the factory is NOT the best idea unless you have been advised that your order is ready for collection. There may not be sufficient stock to fill your order.   

Q: Can we refund the un-used packs?
A: We do have the ability to refund unused packs provided that they are unopened and in resellable condition.  For refunds, they must be delivered back to our factory Victoria. Returns cannot be made to Heidelberg or Wetherill Park manufacturing centres.