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Deliberately Simple Planning Book

Deliberately Simple Planning Book

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Ali Fowler offers a breath of fresh air with her simple, effective planning strategies that cut through the chaos. "The Deliberately Simple Planning Book" provides ten different planning approaches that you can implement right now, along with Ali’s innovative 'thought organising' tool: NOW, SOON, LATER. These tools are designed to help you prioritise your tasks and thoughts in a way that feels natural and empowering.

Why This Book?

  • Simplicity at Its Best: Discover the joy of plans that are easy to make, easier to follow, and actually enjoyable.
  • Tailored to You: With multiple approaches to try, you’ll find the planning style that best fits your personal and professional life.
  • Practical Tools: Utilize the NOW, SOON, LATER tool to immediately start sorting your tasks and ideas, making productivity feel effortless and aligned with your goals.

Transform the way you plan and increase your productivity without the stress. "The Deliberately Simple Planning Book" isn't just about making lists; it's about creating a planning system that works for you.

Get ready to embrace planning that's as enjoyable as it is effective!


Features of this Guide:

10 Unique Planning Approaches: Explore a variety of planning methods designed to simplify your life. Each approach is crafted to help you identify the best fit for your personal and professional needs.

Innovative Organizing Tool - NOW, SOON, LATER: This bespoke tool is specifically designed to help you categorize tasks and priorities in a straightforward manner that reduces overwhelm and boosts productivity.

Accessible and Engaging Writing Style: Ali Fowler's clear and concise writing makes complex ideas easily understandable, ensuring that you can start applying the lessons immediately.

Benefits of Reading This Book:

Enhanced Productivity: Learn to streamline your planning process, which helps in reducing the time spent on organizing and increasing the time spent on doing.

Stress Reduction: By adopting simpler planning techniques, you can alleviate stress associated with cluttered thoughts and unmanageable to-do lists.

Customizable Planning: With multiple strategies on offer, you can customize your planning process to fit your unique lifestyle and work rhythm, making it more likely that you will stick to your plans.

Clarity and Focus: The NOW, SOON, LATER tool helps you to clearly define what needs immediate attention, what can be scheduled for soon, and what to plan for later, enhancing your focus on current priorities.

Ideal For:

  • Individuals feeling overwhelmed by conventional planning methods.
  • Anyone looking for a flexible and effective way to manage daily responsibilities and achieve long-term goals.
  • Readers who appreciate a mix of theory and practical, actionable advice.

"The Deliberately Simple Planning Book" is more than just a guide - it’s a transformative tool designed to reshape the way you think about planning and productivity. Dive into this book and discover the power of simplicity in planning, and how it can lead to a more organised, fulfilling life.


This comprehensive guide is designed for anyone looking to simplify their planning processes and achieve clarity and efficiency in both their personal and professional lives. Whether you're tackling daily tasks or big projects, this book provides the tools and techniques you need to succeed.

This guide is PERFECT to help you navigate your energy efficient retrofit journey.  There are many steps to achieve an energy efficient home, so a simple planning tool will make that process much, much, much easier. 

Book Dimensions: 21.5cm x 21.5cm x 1.5cm


Deliberately Simple - just like it says on the cover!

How To

How to "Install" Clarity and Simplicity into Your Life with "The Deliberately Simple Planning Book"

Begin Your Journey: Begin your journey by opening this book as if you're stepping through a gateway to newfound simplicity and order in your personal and professional life.

Explore the Content: As you turn each page, consider it a step toward streamlining your thought processes and planning strategies. Each chapter lays down foundational principles that guide you to more effective and straightforward planning.

Embrace the Wisdom: Soak in practical advice and innovative approaches with an open mind. Allow straightforward strategies to reshape the way you handle tasks and organize your time.

Execute the Plan: Implement the techniques gradually, tackling your planning challenges one by one, much like painting broad strokes on a blank canvas, gradually completing a vivid picture of productivity.

Perfect Your Practice: True mastery requires revisiting and refining. Return to the key concepts as often as needed to reinforce your new planning habits and ensure they become second nature.

Consider this book as a software upgrade for your organizational skills. No special tools needed—just your commitment and this guide to lead you towards a more organized, purposeful life.

It's not just about making lists; it's about transforming how you plan and execute daily tasks and long-term goals.

Prepare to revolutionize your planning approach, one insightful page at a time!


Q: What is the main focus of "The Deliberately Simple Planning Book"?A: This book focuses on simplifying your planning processes, reducing the complexity often associated with personal and professional organization. It teaches you to declutter your thoughts and embrace a more straightforward approach to managing your tasks and priorities.

Q: Who would benefit most from reading this book?
A: Anyone who feels overwhelmed by traditional planning systems or finds themselves regularly overcomplicating tasks will find this book particularly beneficial. It's also great for individuals looking to streamline their decision-making processes and enhance their overall productivity.

Q: Can "The Deliberately Simple Planning Book" help me with time management?
A: Absolutely. The book provides practical tools and techniques, like the NOW, SOON, LATER method, to help you prioritise your responsibilities and manage your time more effectively, allowing for a more efficient allocation of your day-to-day activities.

Q: Are there any tools or resources included in the book to assist with planning?
A: Yes, the book includes several actionable tools and methods, including planning templates and the unique NOW, SOON, LATER tool, that are designed to help you immediately implement the strategies discussed and see tangible improvements in your planning routines.

Q: What makes this planning book different from others on the market?
A: "The Deliberately Simple Planning Book" stands out because of its emphasis on simplicity and its practical application. Unlike other books that may offer theoretical advice, this book delivers easy-to-understand, actionable strategies that can be quickly applied to make immediate changes in your organizational habits and mindset.


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Imagine a world where every book guarantees a simpler, more organized life—that's the vision fueling Ali Fowler's "The Deliberately Simple Planning Book." 

While we can't offer a formal warranty on your planning success, consider this book your personal guide to decluttering your thoughts and streamlining your processes. 

As you turn each page, it's like signing a contract to transform your approach to daily tasks and long-term goals. A bold promise? Definitely. But with Ali Fowler's straightforward strategies at your disposal, you're effectively equipping yourself with the essential tools to enhance your productivity and reduce stress. 

Think of it as a warranty for a clearer, more focused you!

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