Draught Proofing Essentials Kit | Draught Dodgers | Description

If you want to block draughts, dust, smoke, pollen and noise from entering your home through the gaps and cracks around doors, ecoMaster’s Draught Stoppers for Doors are crucial.

The Draught Proofing Essentials Kit contains five essential components:

Installing these draught proofing solutions will be a substantial first step on your journey towards a cost-effective, comfortable living environment all year round.

Superior Draught Proofing That Lasts For Life

Whatever the age and condition of your home, using high-quality draught-proofing products around your doors will ensure superior results that will last for the life of your home.

As you may have discovered already, fitting poor quality products, such as foam strips, is a false economy. More often than not, and a lot sooner than you’d like, they get crushed between the door and the door stops and falls off.,

You’re then right back where you started - but a bit poorer and a lot more disenchanted.

ecoMaster has conducted extensive testing on all the products we sell and only our "Best of Breed" approach will provide you and your family with effortless, long-term comfort.

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