Draught Dodgers for Doors

The Best Thing for your Door since the Door Handle


The Best Thing for your Door since the Door Handle

Draught proofing?  Sick of sticky seals letting in draughts around your door? You'll love Draught Dodgers for Doors!

Freezing in your home?? or are you getting ready for summer?? 

If the inside of your home feels like the same temperate as outside and you can feel the draught coming around and under your doors, then it is high time to do something about it!!

Many people start off with the basics.  

A quick trip to 'that 'hardware store, look at a confusing array of products, have no idea and grab a packet of "sticky stuff" to put around their doors.   They might even get a door snake or two for the bottom of the doors as well.

But it doesn't work!!  

The gaps around your door are uneven! There is too much sticky stuff in some parts that make it really hard to close, and still gaps remain in other parts. It all comes off on the first hot day and leaves a gooey mess; and the draught is back!  

By this time, it is the scorching summer winds making your home stinking hot

and your air conditioner working really hard to cool you down.

Spending money and wasting your time on stuff that doesn't work is not ok.

That makes us sad.  

... and your Huge Energy Bills?

If you already wanted to crash tackle your postman before he delivered your latest energy bill... those bills are just going to get higher and higher.  Around 40%+ of your energy bill is from your heating and cooling.   If you are on gas, it will be even worse!  :-(

You deserve better!

What are Draught Dodgers?

ecoMaster love to work with great solutions.  We couldn't find a way to make that sticky stuff work, so we invented a whole new way to fix those draught doors - forever!

ecoMaster designed and manufacture the perfect door perimeter seal.  Used for years as part of ecoMaster's draught proofing servicewe wanted to SHARE this amazing solution for keeping draughts out of your home for people who prefer DIY.    

We know it's not cool to boast, but we've won quite a few awards!!  

Why use it...

Draught Dodgers stop draughts entering your home from around the sides and tops of doors, easily fitted to provide a perfect seal all around the door, even if there is a larger gap in one spot and a smaller gap in another.

To get a top class job, use Draught Dodgers for Doors with a draught excluder (the thing that goes on the bottom of the door) so you fix all 4 edges of your doors.  

There are different solutions for front and back doors, or for internal doors.

How it works...

Draught Dodgers for doors fit onto the door jamb so that the seal compresses slightly against the door as it shuts, making an airtight seal along the sides and top and allowing the door to open and close with ease.  Too easy!

When to use it...

For use on hinged single and double doors (external and internal).  

What is in each kit ...

  • The 2 Door Set comprises 5 mouldings each 2.4 metres in length and is perfect for fixing up 2 standard sized single doors
  • The 1 Door Set comprises 3 mouldings each 2.4 metres in length and is perfect for fixing a single door, an extra tall door or a set of french doors.
  • Each moulding is 15mm wide x 10mm thick fitted with a self-adhesive strip (for easy installation) and compressive seals in either brown or white.

The Benefits...

  • No more door draughts from the sides and top of your door.
  • Works to reduce noise as well!  Shh!
  • Works well on un-even gaps and up to 10mm gaps
  • Does not interfere with the operation of the door
  • Can be painted or stained to merge with the door frame
  • Architectural quality
  • Durable - will last the lifetime of your door!
  • Highest quality product available in Australia
  • Australian owned and manufactured

Tutorials / Installation Instructions ...

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