Draught Dodgers for Doors

The Best Thing for your Door since the Door Handle

Sick of sticky seals letting in draughts around your door?
You'll love Draught Dodgers for Doors!

What it is...
We were sad to see sticky stuff used around a door that makes it hard to close, falls off with the first hot weather and leaves a gooey mess.  So, ecoMaster designed the perfect draught excluder.  Used for years as part of ecoMaster's draught proofing service, we wanted to SHARE this amazing solution for keeping draughts out of your home.   
It is a set of self adhesive, timber carriers that are fitted with a high-quality compressive seal. Easily cut to size during installation, it can seal gaps from 0mm to 10mm. 
Why use it...
Draught Dodgers stop draughts entering your home from around the sides and tops of doors, easily fitted to provide a perfect seal all around the door, even if there is a larger gap in one spot and a smaller gap in another. To get a top class job, use Draught Dodgers for Doors with a draught excluder on the bottom of the door.  There are different solutions for front and back doors, or for internal doors, which seals along the bottom of the door to provide a complete solution.

How it works...
Draught Dodgers for doors fit on the door jamb so that the seal compresses slightly against the door as it shuts, making an airtight seal along the sides and top and allowing the door to open and close with ease.

When to use it...
For use on hinged single and double doors (external and internal).  
What is in each kit ...
  • The 2 Door Set comprises 5 sticks each of 2400mm long and is perfect for treating 2 standard sized single doors
  • The 1 Door Set comprises 3 sticks each of 2400mm long is perfect for treating an extra tall door or french doors. 
  • Each stick is 15mm wide x 10mm thick fitted with a self adhesive strip, for easy installation, and compressive seals

The Benefits...

  • Highest quality product available in Australia
  • Works to reduce noise and eliminate draughts
  • Does not interfere with the operation of the door
  • Can be painted or stained to merge with the door frame
  • Architectural quality
  • Durability
  • Australian owned and manufactured

Tutorials / Installation Instructions ...


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