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Cooler Home Kit - For Renters

Cooler Home Kit - For Renters

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  • Save up to 1/3 on your Air Con
  • Reduce Heat by 70%
  • Maintains Your View
  • Australian Made
  • Removable
  • Ships within 2 business days


Improve your home's energy efficiency and lower your energy costs without any structural changes to your property! The Cooler Rental Home Bundle includes 3 retrofit products designed to prevent heat transfer through doors and windows: EMV Perimeter Seal, a self-adhesive V-shaped weather strip that seals out drafts; RP2A Draft Excluder, a special seal that blocks air flow under interior doors; and Renshade Reflective Foils, which reflect solar heat and glare away from windows.


Sick of Getting Roasted in Your Home During Summer?

Intense heatwave conditions in Australia can (literally) suck the life out of you. Keep your home cool so you and your wallet will survive more summertimes ahead!

The Cooler Rental Home Bundle is a set of Do-It-Yourself draught proofing and heat aversion solutions specially made for renters. Finally, a solution that improves your thermal comfort without spending an arm and leg on renovation and energy cost!


Two (2) strips of EMV Perimeter Seals
Two (2) pieces of RP2A Draught Excluder
One (1) roll of Renshade Reflective Foil
Twenty (20) dots of Velcro tabs

You can choose from two bundle variants:

Variant A: Brown EMV + Bronze RP2A
Variant B: White EMV + Silver RP2A



EMV Perimeter Seals

  • High-quality product which works to reduce draughts
  • Does not interfere with the opening and closing of the door
  • Simple to install; no handyman tools required


RP2A Draught Excluder

  • Can be cut to size during installation
  • Works to reduce draught entry
  • Does not interfere the opening and closing of your door
  • Straightforward design ideal for use on internal doors
  • Helps you to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature


Renshade Reflective Foil

  • Works with many types of windows and pergolas
  • Easy to install (fastened using Velcro tabs or tape)
  • Effectively blocks out the heat
  • Lets in about 15% of sunlight


Velcro Dots

  • Simple peel and stick application.

  • Stronger adhesive, long and durable. Perfect for smooth surfaces.


Suitable For:

EMV Perimeter Seals

  • Center join on double-hung windows
  • Single hinged doors
  • Center join of French doors


RP2A Draught Excluder

  • Internal doors
  • Sliding doors
  • Hinged doors
  • Wooden doors
  • Over hard floor


Renshade Reflective Foil

  • Windows
  • Pergolas
  • Anywhere you want to reduce the heat from the sun


Velcro Dots

  • Fixing Renshade Foils in place for Windows
  • Fixing Renshade Foils in place for Pergolas



See the individual specifications for each product to ensure they are correct for your home. A single kit can draught proof up to four doors.


Cooler Rental Home Kit - Brown / Bronze:

Cooler Rental Home Kit - White/Silver:


Note: There may be some creasing with the Renshade product.


How To

Video Guides:

Watch the corresponding videos for detailed installation instructions:


How to Install EMV


How to Install RP2A


How to Install Renshade

On windows:


On pergolas


Frequently Asked Questions:


Q: What is this and what will it do for me?
A: This kit contains components that can help keep your home cool in the summer. The kit includes simple but effective draught proofing for two doors and shading material (Renshade) that is easily removed after summer or when you are moving out.

Q: Does the Renshade really work?
A: Yes, it really does work remarkably well. You should keep in mind that Renshade reduces the heat coming in from your windows but significant summer heat may also be coming from other places like, for example, a poorly insulated ceiling.

Q: Are these difficult to fit?
A: No, none of these components are difficult to fit. Just check out the installation videos here:

-  Watch the EMV perimeter seal installation video here.
-  Watch the RP2A brush seal installation video here.
-  Watch the Renshade installation video here.

Q: Will I be able to remove the door draught proofing?
A: Yes, the door draught proofing is easily removed, but cannot be used again.  However, the solution is discrete and would be an asset for the next tenant. 

Q: What do I do if the product is faulty?
A: The ecoMaster return policy can be found on the website. 

Q: Is there a warranty on this product?
A: ecoMaster products carry a 2 year warranty as long as the product is installed according to our instructions.

Q: Is there a warranty on the installation of the product?
A: As it is a DIY product, we cannot provide an installation warranty as the installation process is out of our control.


Q: Can I collect my order?
A: Yes you can!  A “Ready for Pickup” email will be sent to you when you order is ready to be collected. 
Please click this link for the Click and Collect details. Note:  this Collection Centre is in Preston in Victoria, NOT Prestons in NSW. 

Q: When will my order be despatched?
A:  Generally, your order will be despatched within 1 to 2 business days.    

Q: How will my order be delivered?
A:  If this is the only product in your order, it will be delivered by Australia Post.  

Q: Will my order be tracked?
A:  Yes!  When your order is consigned, you will receive a tracking number that will show you where your order is and its expected delivery date. 
Track your order here
Please note: Orders with two or more items may arrive in separate parcels with no additional shipping charge

Q: When will my order be delivered?
A: All AusPost orders are picked, packed and despatched within 2 business days.  Our experience with AusPost indicates that your order will be delivered within 2 - 5 business days.  Clearly this will fluctuate at peak shipping times such as Christmas.

Q: What happens if my order gets lost during transit?
A: On rare occasions we have had orders go missing. ecoMaster has solid procedures in place and photograph every order that leaves our warehouse.  The delivery of our orders at the local post office are videoed and we track the progress of orders.  If a delivery date appears to be beyond expectation, we will raise a query with AusPost on your behalf.  If your order cannot be found during transit, we will send a replacement.  

Q: What happens if my order is stolen after delivery?
A: We will check with AusPost to ensure that the order was delivered to the correct address.  If that is confirmed, and your order has been stolen from your home after delivery, please raise a Police report.


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