Brush Seal | FAQ

Q: What is a Raven Brush Seal?
A: There are several Raven brush seals that difference only in the brush length: 

  • RP74 - up to 13mm gap
  • RP2a - up to 19mm gap 
  • RP15 - up to 25mm gap 
  • RP57 - up to 50mm gap 

The brush seals attach to the bottom of your door. It is ideal for hard surfaces such as tiles, and prevents unwanted airflow from beneath your door.

Q: How does it work?
A: These brush seals works by preventing the draughts from coming in under your internal doors with the brush seal, attached by an adhesive strip to the bottom of your door.

Q: Will it affect the operation of my doors?
A: This product should not prevent your door from its natural function, if you can no longer open or close your door after installation, then it may have been installed incorrectly.

Q: How is the brush seal installed?
A: The "How to" page provides an installation video plus essentials Pro Tips to ensure you get a great job. [Learn More

Q: Can I screw fix the Brush Seals?
A: Yes you can screw fix the brush seals. 
In the case of the RP2a the width of the aluminium carrier the aluminium carrier is narrow and you may easily damage it during drilling and screw fixing. The RP15 has a wider carrier that is much easier to screw fix. Screws are not supplied.

Q: What doors is the RP15 suitable for?
A: The RP15 is suitable for several applications:

  • It is suitable for use on the bottom of hinged doors where a longer brush is needed. It is best used on internal doors but can also be used on external doors however there may be some air flow through the brush during weather with high winds. (Consider an RP3 for s single door or Draught Dodgers for French Doors for double doors).
  • Can be used successfully on the bottom of hinged doors that open over short pile carpet.
  • It is also suitable for draught proofing external sliding doors. In this situation it is usually fitted flat on the tread so that the brush rubs gently on the face of the door and similarly on the head of the door. In these cases the RP15 should be screw fixed. (Screws are not included).
  • In some cases The RP15 can also be used on the back edge of external sliding doors to seal against the timber edge of the sidelight. (RP5 can also be used for this purpose).
  • When used externally the RP15 should be screw fixed. The self adhesive should not be relied upon when exposed to weather.

Q: How do I know if I’ve installed it correctly?
A: The door should operate the same as before the installation of the brush seal.

Q: Tell me more about your brushes? 
A: We've got your covered.  Explore all the brush seals in one location [Learn More].