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Door Brush Seal - Draught Excluder - RP2A - 19mm Brush - How To

RP2A: Trustworthy Draught Proofing for Internal Doors

Raven RP2A brush strip seals can be installed on the bottom of either side of internal doors to exclude draughts. They’re great for zoning out unused rooms plus wet areas such as the bathroom and laundry. Use with a perimeter seal such as Draught Dodgers to seal the other 3 edges of the door (two sides and the top).

Surfaces must be clean and smooth to ensure good adhesion. If the bottom of the door is rough or not straight, then screw fixing is the best option.

RP2A can be screw fixed but the aluminium carrier is narrow, so it may be damaged during drilling and fixing. If the gap at the bottom of your door is more than 20mm you will need the RP15 with a 25mm brush, and has a wider carrier.


What you will need:

  • * Alcohol wipes or microfibre cloth with methylated spirits
  • * Measuring tape
  • * Pencil
  • * Side cutters or pliers
  • * Hacksaw

Hacks :

  • * Check the sweep of the door to make sure this is the right product for your home. Watch the ‘how to’ fit an RP2A, which explains how to measure and determine the suitability for your door.
  • * Always cut the carrier and brush separately. This protects the brush so bristles won’t fall out.
  • * Once the parts are reassembled, use pliers to squeeze together the end of the carrier so the brush can’t slide out.
  • * Press firmly along the adhesive twice for a strong bond with the door surface.

Find Out More:

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