Door Draught Excluder (RP1)

Let Comfort Roll In To Your Home.

Control your home ventilation to manage your thermal comfort and energy bills all year round! Draught-proofing the bottom of your doors with the RP1 Door Draught Excluder will help stop the entry of draughts so you can stabilise your indoor temperatures.


How it Works:

The RP1 Door Draught Excluder is a soft, rolling door brush seal that effectively stops draughts from coming under internal doors. Fitted to the back of the door, the RP1 is designed to roll across the floor as the door is opened and closed. This special door draught excluder creates a seal between the floor and the back of the door to securely prevent air movement.

The RP1 is best for draught proofing internal doors that open over a carpet or where there is a rising floor level. RP1 rides in two slotted hooks allowing it to move up and down as the floor level changes across the sweep of the door.


  • One (1) RP1 Door Draught Excluder


  • Colour: Grey
  • Length: 915 mm can be trimmed to minimum of 800 mm
  • Can cover a gap size of 0 - 19 mm


  • Reduces draughts
  • Does not interfere the opening and closing of the door
  • Architectural quality
  • Highly durable
  • Australian-made

Tools You Need For Installment:

  • Knife
  • Measuring tape

Suitable For:

  • Draught-proofing Internal doors that open over a carpet
  • Internal doors where there is a rising floor level
  • Inward opening, external doors where all other draught excluders can't be fitted
  • Wooden doors


Video Guide:

In this video, ecoMaster’s Chief Technical Officer Maurice Beinat shows you how the RP1 Draught Excluder is fitted on an internal wooden door.

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