Chimney Draught Stopper | FAQ

Q: What does a Chimney Draught Stopper do?
A: The Chimney Draught Stopper blocks unwanted draughts as well as stopping dirt / dust / birds / insects / pollen / bushfire smoke from getting into your home via the chimney.

Q: Is the Chimney Draught Stopper easy to install?
A: The Chimney Draught Stopper is very easy to install. All you have to do is measure, cut, and fit.  [Learn More]

Q: Where does the Chimney Draught Stopper fit?
A: The Chimney Draught Stopper fits into the throat of the fireplace immediately above the steel lintel that holds up the brickwork at the front of the fireplace.  Usually, the back of the Chimney Draught Stopper is against a brick edge that leads to a mostly horizontal space known as the Smoke Shelf.

Q: Does this help reduce noise?
A: The Chimney Draught Stopper can help reduce outside noise. However, that is not the main purpose of the Chimney Draught Stopper- only a side benefit.

Q: Can I take the Chimney Draught Stopper out of my chimney if I want to light a fire?
A: Absolutely, before initally installing the Chimney Draught Stopper, simply attach a string around it so you can easily pull it out at a later time.

Q: Is the Chimney Draught Stopper breathable?
A: It will breathe and allow moisture out. It does have some "sponge" like qualities if it rains heavily and will therefore soak up a limited amount of liquid. Over a short period of time that liquid will evaporate. If it is a really heavy downpour, once the chimney draught stopper has reached saturation, it will allow liquid through.

Unlike a Chimney Sheep made from wool, when it gets wet, it will not smell like damp sheep have taken up residence in your home. If you have never smelt a wet sheep, you are not missing anything!  

Q: I have two fireplaces, and one chimney. Can I still use the Chimney Draught Stopper?
A: This is pretty common. Either the fireplaces are back to back or in the case of a two story home, they one above the other. In each case it looks like there is one chimney. However, there are actually two separate chimneys withing a common outer structure. You will still need one Chimney Draught Stopper for each fireplace.

Q: What can I do if my chimney is longer or wider than the dimensions of the Chimney Draught Stopper?
A: Two Chimney Draught Stoppers can be glued together with upholstery glue to make either a wider or longer draft stopper than the regular size, then cut down to suit the size of your chimney flue. Most commonly, corner fireplaces can have larger openings.

Q: Do you have a recommended installer for Chimney Draught Stoppers?
A: We do have some installers around the country who could help you. To find out if we have a recommended installer in your area please call 1300 326 627 or pop us a message