Collection: Green Renters

There are many complaints about the poor condition of housing stock that is available for renters. Most housing stock is not energy efficient which leaves tenants living in uncomfortable homes that cost a lot to run and are carbon intensive.

Leaving aside the legislative issues around this situation, if you are stuck in an energy inefficient home, what can you do that is cheap and temporary, but effective that can be removed without damaging the property?

We have run a Green Renters Workshop over a number of years and have recorded that for you here - free of charge!

A lot of the suggestions in this workshop are changes that most landlords wouldn’t be bothered by, might well support, and in fact, are unlikely to even notice. If you have a friendly and supportive landlord, the best bet is to ask permission before making any changes (and get the permission in writing and keep it). If you don’t, you could make your own judgment of how your landlord or real estate agent might respond and how the law will be interpreted by the tribunal.