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Buying a Home | Buy Smarter – Live Efficiently

Buying a Home | Buy Smarter – Live Efficiently


Web Based Video Guide

A brilliant initiative providing much needed clarity and direction for home buyers

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Find Your Perfect Energy-Efficient Home with Our Comprehensive Online Guide!

Ready to make one of the best decisions of your life? Choosing a thermally energy-efficient home isn't just about comfort; it's about making a smart financial choice in an era where the average Australian home is nearing the $1 million mark. Invest just over an hour of your time, and a tiny fraction of your budget, to learn how to sidestep costly surprises and secure a home that's both cosy and cost-effective year-round.

You'll be equipped to choose a home that say “Goodbye” to sweltering summers and chilly winters exacerbated by poor insulation and “Hello” to lower bills and optimal living conditions.

Don't let your dream home become a financial burden. Become an informed buyer with our guide and invest in a home that's truly efficient, or has the potential to be upgraded. Discover how to find and assess the right energy-efficient home for you — before you buy.


What You'll Gain:

Deep Dive into Thermal Efficiency: Understand what makes a home energy-efficient, from insulation to integrated energy systems, and how these factors affect your comfort and wallet.

Avoid the Money Pits: Gain the knowledge to spot and steer clear of homes that look appealing but are ultimately energy guzzlers with structural flaws that can't be fixed.

Assess and Compare with Confidence: Use our detailed tools to evaluate the thermal efficiency of any home you're considering and understand the scope of potential upgrades.

Why This Guide?

Every home has its hidden challenges, especially when it comes to energy efficiency. Our guide breaks down complex technical details into clear, actionable advice that empowers you to make informed decisions. You'll learn how to:

  • Identify key building elements that influence thermal performance.
  • Recognise upgradeable features to improve energy efficiency.
  • Understand home energy systems and their impact on your bills from day one.
  • What homes to completely avoid - don’t even bother getting out of your car!


      Enrol now to access this course over 12 months. 

      The video guide is an industry leading course and comprises:

      • 42 videos real world videos - without the boring tech talk
      • 82 minutes of practical support on do'es and don'ts and what to simply avoid
      • Bonus Printable to help you to assess and compare homes while house hunting


      Easy-to-follow video guides that delve into each topic - in an educational and accessible way. No boring tech talk!

      How To

      Once you have purchased the course, an email will be forwarded to you immediately with a link to allow you to access the Buying a Home course. 

      Then it is a matter of sitting back with a coffee and absorbing what Maurice, a 20 year veteran of the energy efficiency industry, has to share. 

      There is no boring tech talk, but plain english explanations of key features of a home and what they mean for your energy bills and your future comfort.  

      Most importantly, Maurice will explain what features CAN be upgraded and what simply can't.  Then of course, he will point out what features of a home that you should just straight out avoid - even if they do look good! 

      Once you have watched all the videos (and you can watch them more than once) take the printable with you to help you assess every home you look at.  The printable makes it easy to compare homes as well as the potential for energy efficiency improvements in the future on a house by house basis.


      Q: What will I learn in the 'Buying a Home' video guide?
      A: In this course, you will learn how to assess and choose a thermally energy-efficient home. The course covers how to evaluate a home's energy efficiency, understand the impact of different home structures on energy costs, identify potential for upgrades, and comprehend the energy systems of a potential home. This knowledge will help you make informed decisions to avoid purchasing a property with hidden, costly inefficiencies that may, or may not, be able to be upgraded. 

      Q: How long is the course and what format does it take?
      A: The course is designed to be concise yet comprehensive, requiring just over one hour of your time. It is delivered online through a series of videos, and detailed guides, allowing you to proceed at your own pace and revisit the content as needed.

      Q: Who should take this course?
      A: This course is ideal for first-time buyers, second-time homebuyers, and anyone interested in purchasing a home who wants to ensure their new property is energy-efficient, opr can be upgraded to be energy-efficient. It's particularly beneficial for those looking to reduce their long-term energy costs and enhance their living comfort.

      Q: What tools or resources will I receive as part of the course?
      A: Participants will gain access to a variety of tools, including checklists for assessing homes, a comparative tool to evaluate and compare the thermal efficiency of different homes, and resources that explain how to upgrade a home’s energy efficiency. These tools are designed to equip you with practical skills and knowledge for making the best home purchase decision.

      Q: Has this course go anything to do with the Electrify movement? 
      A: The Electrify movement is independent of ecoMaster and / or the Buying a Home video guide.  ecoMaster has worked in this space for 20+ years and is well versed in how to make homes energy efficient.  The distinction that could be made is that Electrify movement is exclusively about shifting from gas to electricity.  This will make your home cost less to run and will reduce your energy bill. 

      However, it will not make you warmer in winter or cooler in summer unless you are running your reverse cycle air-conditioning units constantly, which could get very expensive depending upon how leaky your home is.  ecoMaster's approach is about improving the thermal performance of a home so that the energy you do use to heat and cool your home is actually retained inside your home.   So you will use a LOT less energy.  

      To achieve the optimal outcome for you and your family, improve the thermal performance of your home first, then electrify your home. 


      There is no "delivery" :-) 

      As soon as your order has been processed, you will receive an email providing access to your course. 

      If there are any issues accessing it, please notify us immediately. 

      You will have online Access for 12 months. 

      Happy viewing!


      If you are not satisfied with your purchase, please advise within 30 days. 

      We would love to know specifically why you are not satisfied, so we can improve on the course. 

      And, of course, you will receive a full refund.

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