Collection: DIY Secondary Glazing | Beautiful Secondary Glazing

How does secondary glazing work? You add components to the inside of your windows to mimic double glazing. Unlike other secondary glazing systems, ecoGlaze has focused on form AND function, to provide a very effective result that looks good.

DIY ecoGlaze for timber FixedWind Out and Push Out Windows as well as glazed hinged doors. 

We supply: 

  • Mouldings (in either Timber or White Aluminium) 
  • Installation kits 
  • And great DIY videos to give you a step by step-by-step guide 

You source: 

  • Acrylic sheet cut to your exact window sizes 
  • We will give you a list of suppliers - but feel free to choose your own

And so for a fraction of the cost you can have effective glazing!  Double glazing provides you with the most expensive air gap you are ever going to buy.  Why not save yourself thousands and go with secondary glazing instead? 

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