Invisible Pelmet Kits

Each KIT contains 4 lengths of 3mm thick acrylic.
1220mm long x 80mm wide plus 3 joiners. 

Colours:              Clear Acrylic Sheet                           

What it is...

An Invisible Pelmet is an acrylic cover fitted to the top of curtain rails. It acts in a similar way to a box pelmet, but is virtually invisible.

Why use it...

The thermal efficiency of drapes is greatly improved by the addition of pelmets.

How it works...

It works by preventing convective currents flowing between the drapes and the window glazing.

When to use it...

Most often box pelmets are used for this purpose, however many householders find box pelmets aesthetically challenging, too expensive or too heavy. 

NOTE:   This product is designed to be fitted over curtain rails.  It cannot be fitted to drapes on curtain rods.

The Benefits...

  • Prevent convective currents from compromising your comfort
  • Delivers the benefits of box pelmets while being virtually invisible
  • Architectural quality
  • Durable
  • Australian made and owned


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