RP5 | Up to 19mm Gap | Sweep Seal | Security Door | FAQ

Q: What does the RP5 do?
A: The RP5 Door Draught Excluder is a medium duty sweep seal that can be used for internal or external doors. It typically is attached to the bottom of the door to prevent draughts

Q: Is the RP5 easy to install?
A: The RP5 is easy to install and requires basic equipment.

Q: How do you install the RP5?
A: Installation instructions are included in the packet. Remember that sweep seals must push up onto an opposing surface in order to make a seal.

Q: What is the RP5 made of?
A: The RP5 has a carrier that is made from anodized aluminum in either Silver or Bronze and a black flexible rubber seal. 

Q: Do you have any recommended installers for the RP5?
A: A recommended installer is highly location dependent. To find out if we have a recommended installer in your area please email sales@ecomaster.com.au, or call 1300 326 627.

Q: What fixings do I need?
A: The RP5 comes with screw fixings.

Q: Does this help reduce noise?
A: The RP5 can help reduce noise when it is installed properly.

Q: Is it fire rated?
A: The RP5 is BAL 40 rated.

Q: How do I know I have installed the product correctly?
A: The rubber seal should slightly flex as the door is latched. If it does not flex then it is probably not making a seal on an opposing surface and therefore may not prevent draught.

Q: Can I use the RP5 on a timber sliding door?
A: You can use an RP5 as a seal for the back edge of a sliding door. The rubber blade typically seals against the timber of the fixed sidelight when the door is closed. You may need 2+ for this. Make sure to cut all ends so they butt up well together.

Q: Will I still be able to open and close my doors?
A: If the RP5 is installed correctly it will not prevent your door from its natural function.