Draught Dodgers for Doors | Perimeter Seal | Specs

Draught Dodger Mouldings have the appropriate angle cuts to make it easy for you to achieve a great finish.  You only need to square cut to length.

In your kit there will be one moulding that has square ends - “Straight Cut”. That moulding is used for the Head of the door.

The Draught Dodger mouldings for the sides of the doors already have “Angle Cuts” to fit the left hand side (which is coloured Green on the end of the moulding) or the right hand side (which is coloured Red on the end of the moulding).

Raw Timber with Brown Seals

White Aluminium with White Seals

Black Aluminium with Black Seals


1 Door Set has   

1 x Left (green)   

1 x Right (red)     

1 x Head

Enough for a single or double door up to 2350mm high and 2350mm wide.

2 Door Set has   

2 x Left (green)   

2 x Right (red)   

1 x Head 

 Enough for two single doors up to 2350mm high and 1150mm wide.


Draught Dodgers Moulding Profile:


Raw Timber Moulding Material:

  • “Tassie Oak” range of select grade Australian hardwood species 

White Aluminium Moulding Material:

  • Powder Coated Aluminium in White - with white compression seals 

Black Aluminium Moulding Material:

  • Powder Coated Aluminium in Black- with black compression seals 

Dodger for Doors Seal Profile:


Gap Size:

  • Covers a gap from jamb edge to door face of up to 10mm.
  • Moulding can be fitted to suit varying width gaps 

Made In: 

  • Australia 


  • Winner - Innovation and Enterprise Award NBAA 2016
  • Finalist – Bendigo Inventor Awards 2011


  • Up to 3kgs (including packaging)