Draught Dodgers Spare Mouldings | FAQ


Q: What does Draught Dodgers for Doors do? 
A: Draught Dodgers for Doors helps seal the top, and sides of your internal or external doors from draughts. 

Q: Are Draught Dodgers for Doors easy to install? 
A: Yes, Draught Dodgers for Doors are so easy to install even a child can do it.

Q: How long does it take from ordering to delivery? 
A: Delivery is highly dependent on where you are located. If you are located in the metro areas it is about a 2-4 business day delivery time.

Q: What are Draught Dodgers for Doors made of? 
A: Draught Dodgers for Doors are made from a high quality timber (either Tas oak, or NZ pine), as well as a vinyl for the seal, and an extremely durable adhesive tape.

Q: Do you have a recommended installer for Draught Dodgers?
A: A recommended installer is highly location dependent. To find out if we have a recommended installer in your area please email sales@ecomaster.com.au, or call 1300 326 627.

Q: Can I collect Draught Dodgers?
A: Yes, subject to Covid Restrictions, you can collect your order from our Preston Collection point.  Opening hour restrictions apply.

Q: I want to paint my draught dodgers. What should I watch out for?
A: Draught dodgers can easily be painted either before fitting or after fitting.  Please note that only the timber part of the Draught Dodgers should be painted.  Do not attempt to paint the seals.

Q: Can I get a sample?
A: Unfortunately, we do not have samples of Draught Dodgers available.

Q: Do I have to use the fitting packer?
A: The fitting packer has been provided to ensure the draught dodgers are fitted correctly. Not using the fitting packer may result in an improper installation.

Q: Do Draught Dodgers for Doors have a warranty?
A: We have a 2 year warranty on Draught Dodgers. However, we cannot warranty the installation since this is a DIY product. For example the self adhesive seal sticking as the quality of the surface and the surface preparation is beyond our control.

Q: How long will Draught Dodgers for Doors last?
A: When properly installed, they should last for 10 years or more.

Q: Can we have draught dodgers 2.7m long?
A: We do not have the ability to manufacture, or ship pieces that are longer than 2400mm. To draught proof a door that is larger than 2.4m you will need to join 2 sticks together during installation.

Q: I want to treat my front door and my back door. Should I get a 2 door set or 2 x 1 door sets?
A: If your doors are single standard height doors (up to 2340mm tall), then a two door set will be sufficient. Otherwise, you will need 2 x 1 door sets.

Q: Can I get white draught dodgers with a brown seal?
A: No, however, you can buy a spare set of seals in brown or white.

Q: The Draught Dodgers are stuck in the wrong place, now I can’t put the seals in?
A: Unfortunately that is quite problematic. We provide installation videos and downloadable instructions to ensure a quality result. The Draught Dodgers can be removed from the door, but the self adhesive tape will not restick. You can fix the Draught Dodgers with a nail or screw, make sure to use the fitting packer and watch the video.

Q: Will this help to reduce noise?
A: Draught Dodgers may help reduce noise, if you want an acoustic door seal, then you should consider the RP78.

Q: What tools will I need for installation?
A: To ensure a quality installation you will need a:

  • Saw
  • Scissors
  • Tape Measure
  • Pencil
  • Cleaning Cloth
  • Mitre Box