Flir Thermal Camera | How To


How the ecoMasterStore's rental system works:

Renting the FLIR E6XT Thermal Camera is simple:

  • 1. Call us to book the rental week you want
  • 2. Pay the rental fee online
  • 3. The Rental fee will be automatically debited to your payment preference.
  • 4. Pick up the camera from the ecoMasterStore’s collection centre in Preston, Melbourne, Victoria.
  • 5. Return it to the same collection centre when you have finished within the week.
  • 6. No time extensions can be allowed unless via prior arrangement. The camera is fully booked and the next person is waiting. 

Using the FLIR E4XT Thermal Camera

A focus-free lens and simple button navigation to on-screen settings, imaging modes, measurement tools, and saved JPEGS make this camera amazingly easy to operate, even with just the press of a single gloved thumb.

From the 4800-pixel thermal image clarity of the E6, the incredible 320×240 detector with 76,800 pixels, FLIR Ex6 camera offers a resolution to fit the target size, working distance, and detail required for your application.

You can now professionally inspect your entire home, find the gaps and cracks that need fixing. If you have trouble with fixing the issues that come up, you can visit our ecoMasterClasses to learn how.

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