Goodbye Heating Vents | 4 Vents Per Kit | FAQ

Q: How do I know what size vents I have? 
A: Good question.  Pop the vent off, grab a measuring tape, then measure the width of the inside of a vent and then the length of the vent. 

The Medium kit suits vents that are 110mm x 305mm 
The Large kit suits vents that are 155mm x 355mm

It would be good to check every one of your vents to make sure they are all the same size before your order. 

Q: How do I seal my Return Air Vent?  It is bigger than the floor vents!  
A:  Unfortunately there is no standard size for a Return Air Vent (otherwise we would have made a kit for it).  So... measure the Return Air Vent (length by width). 
You can use a couple of Goodbye Heating Vent kits, stuff the insulation into the vent, and deal the internal face of the vent by 'gluing' foil board together into one sheet using the Ultraclear in your kit. 

Q: I have Ultraclear left over.  What do I do with it?  
A:  Ultraclear is the best product - ever!  As long as you don't burn gas in your home, go here and start sealing all the gaps and cracks in your home.  You will be surprised at how many gaps you have.