Invisible Pelmet Kit | How To

What you will need: 

  • Curtains in tracks - NOT rods
  • Ultra Clear Gap Sealant (if needed)
  • Sharp knife with a pointy end
  • Philips head screwdriver
  • Pen marker
  • Rigid board such as a bread board
  • A ladder to reach the top of your curtain tracks

How to measure your Invisible Pelmets: 

The pelmets come in a kit containing 4 x 1000mm acrylic strips, so there are four (4) metres of pelmet per kit. 

Simply measure the length of your curtain rails / tracks to determine how many kits you will need to order.

It’s so easy to install these Invisible Pelmets yourself.   

Watch our 'How to" video


If you need to seal any gaps between your architrave and your wall, and you do not already have some Ultra Clear Gap Sealant, order it here and have it included in your Invisible Pelmet order.  Ultraclear gap sealant - ORDER HERE