Renshade Reflective Foil | Shading for Windows and Pergolas | FAQ

Q: How long is each roll?
A: 5 metres 

Q: What is the difference between Renshade 1350, Renshade 1000, Renshade 340?
A: It is exactly the same product - it is just in different widths.  Each roll is the same length.  Only the width is different.

  • Renshade 1350 is 1350mm wide (1.35 metres)
  • Renshade 1000 is 1000mm wide (1 metre) 
  • Renshade 340 is 340mm wide (0.34 metres)

Q: Are Velcro dots included with each roll of Renshade? 
Yes. 20 Velcro dots are included with each roll. You can buy more if you wish. 

Q: Why are there different widths?
Originally it was because of the cost of freight.  Anything less than 1.05 metres can be sent via Australia Post flat rate shipping.  That means that Renshade 1000 and Renshade 340 can be shipped right across Australia for a flat rate. 

Renshade 1350 is too wide to  fit within Australia Post parameters, so it must be sent via courier.  This can make your Renshade 1350 freight costs higher. If you don't need the extra width, try the Renshade 1000 or Renshade 340 and enjoy Australia Post shipping rates.  

Q: What do you use the Renshade 1000 for?
Renshade 1000mm roll is very popular for shading windows in high rise apartments and anywhere where the north and western sun cannot be shaded from outside. 

Q: What do you use Renshade 340 for?
If you are looking for caravan air conditioning, a couple of rolls of Renshade 340mm are perfect for reducing the heat load on a caravan or RV.   Unlike air conditioning, Renshade 340 does not need electricity so it can effectively reduce the heat in your caravan even when you are off road!  It can be put up in the summertime and removed for winter, when you would want the warmth of the sun. 

Q: Can I join Renshade 340 to shade larger window?
Yes you can join it using regular clear sellotape. Of course you will always see the joins. 

Q: Can I get a sample of Renshade to see if it is suitable for my home?
Yes - the Renshade 340 is a suitable sample size to test its effectiveness in your home on bigger projects. 

Q: Can I use Renshade as a privacy screen?
During the day, Renshade will provide privacy as long as the brightest light is outside.  Unfortunately this means that at night with the light on in a room, it is possible to see through it from outside. 

Q: Can I install Renshade outside?
It depends. If you want to install Renshade under a pergola - then yes, as long as it is protected from high winds and rain. If Renshade is put in a windy or wet environment, it will become very unhappy and not serve you well. 

Q: My window is wider than 1350.  Can I order Renshade in a wider roll?
Unfortunately 1350mm is the widest that Renshade comes in. It is possible to join it together with good quality cellotape - the dots line up so it is easy to do! 

Q: Can I make Renshade into a roller blind?
Yes. Please contact a blind maker who should be able to help you. We do not provide that service. 

Q: Does Renshade burn?
Yes Renshade will burn when exposed to a direct flame. Do not expose Renshade to a direct flame. This is particular pertinent to under pergolas.
If you have a gas fired outdoor heater, remove Renshade from the area.

Q: Is Renshade suitable for double glazed units? 
If a double glazing manufacturer believes that window films should not be applied to their double glazed units (DGUs) then the same should apply to Renshade. Renshade has been applied to thousands of homes over 30+ years.   There has been no report of damage from Renshade.  However, optimum results would be achieved via roller blinds or fly screen frames and not directly attaching Renshade to DGUs.