RP4B | Up to 16mm Gap | Tread Plate | How To

What you will need:

  • Alcohol wipes or microfibre cloth with methylated spirits
  • Measuring tape
  • Pencil
  • Hacksaw 

    How to Install: 

    This is one of the new products we have that does not include an installation video.  That's because it is SO easy! 

    Q: How is the RP4B fixed to a hardwood threshold? 
    A: After cutting the RP4B to length, use a pencil to mark the screw points on the threshold. Ensure you pilot drill the threshold with a 3.5mm drill bit so that the screws are more easily fitted.

    Q: How can the RP4B be fixed onto a stone threshold?
    A: Once the RP4B is cut to length, place it on the threshold and mark the screw points with a nail and hammer through the fixing points. Remove the RP4B from the threshold. Using a 6mm masonry drill bit, drill each fixing point for sufficient depth to take the fixing screw. Fill each hole with red spaghetti or similar, put the RP4B in place and fit the fixing screws into the red spaghetti. If the stone threshold is not flat, be sure to fix carpenter's packers under the RP4B such that as the screws are tightened, the treadplate remains flat.

    Pro Tips: 

    • Surfaces must be clean and smooth to ensure good adhesion.