Biomaster Pet Waste Wizard

For Cleaner and Odorless Pet Spaces.  

Keep your pet’s spaces free from pungent odors!

Biomaster’s Pet Waste Wizard makes dog waste disappear and minimises odors. It’s a must-have for any responsible dog owner who would like to promote environmentally friendly dog waste disposal.

It has paper sachets that contain bacteria that is made specifically to deal with the types of matter that dogs eat.



  • Two (2) sachets



  • Each paper sachet is 14 g
  • One sachet can treat the waste of a large dog, or two (2) small dogs for 30 Days
  • Do not add dog poo to the digester for 48 hours after worming
  • Never let your Dog Waste Digester dry out, it should always be damp.



  • Breaks down dog waste as well as cat waste
  • Helps bring worms to the garden
  • Controls odors
  • Ultra-concentrate
  • Safe, effective, and natural
  • Easy to use
  • Australian-made

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