Compost-It | How To

The 2-Pack is a cutting-edge composting solution that will boost the breakdown of organic waste in your kitchen or garden compost pile and initiate the decomposition process. This simple-to-use product works best when dissolved in warm water in a watering can, which makes application quick and straightforward.

If you have just harvested garden or kitchen trash, just sprinkle some water on your compost pile or tumbler and let the 2-Pack do its magic as it mixes with the organic materials. The 2-Pack's active components encourage the development of helpful microbes that convert trash into compost that is rich in nutrients for your plants.

The 2-Pack provides an easy fix if you have an old compost heap that appears to be inactive or stagnant. You can add the components the pile needs to accelerate the composting process by drilling holes in the material or garbage and then adding the Compost It® mix. By focusing on the center of the pile, this method guarantees that the compost activator will reach it and start the microbial activity that will turn your organic waste into beneficial compost for your garden. With the 2-Pack, bid sluggish decomposition farewell and welcome to quicker, more effective composting.