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Draught Dodgers | Spare Seals and Brushes

Draught Dodgers | Spare Seals and Brushes

Spare Parts

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Spare Part
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Congratulations on buying your Draught Dodgers or Doors or the Double Hung Window kit a while ago.

We understand life has moved on and now you just need to change the seals. Maybe your dog ate the draught dodger seals (true story!), or you have repainted your door frames and the seals don’t blend with the new colour, or maybe you gave a set of Draught Dodgers to a draughty friend with a different coloured door frame (what a good friend you are!).

Here is the opportunity to buy the COMPRESSIVE SEALS or BRUSHES ONLY to fit in your existing draught dodgers. 

This kit DOES NOT include the mouldings that form the backbone of the Draught Dodgers system.

More information can be found at…. 

If this is not what you are looking for, try…


What you will love about the Spare Compression Seals:

  • This is a "spare part" and cannot, on its own, seal a door or window
  • Each “Spare parts kit” is designed to replace the seals of a 1 door Draught Dodgers kit
  • The kit is sufficient to replace the seals of one single door, or one French door
  • Replacement compressive seals of the highest quality
  • Non crush
  • Designed for rebates that are 2.7mm to 3.0mm wide
  • Weather and UV resistant
  • Stays true to length - does not stretch or shrink over time


Brush Seal - Black (5mm or 7.5mm high brush) 

  • 1 x 2.35m brush seal (Black)

Compressive Seals - White:

  • 1 x 2.35m compressive seal (white)

Compressive Seals - Brown: 

  • 1 x 2.35m compressive seal (Brown)

Compressive Seals - Black: 

  • 1 x 2.35m compressive seal (Brown)

Dodger for Doors Seal Profile:

Gap Size:

  • When fitted into an ecoMaster Draught Dodger moulding it will cover a gap up to 10mm

  • Moulding can be fitted to suit varying width gaps

Slot Size:

  • Fits into a slot size of 2.5mm wide and at least 6.5mm deep


    Very easy

    How To

    For Compressive Seals:

    Please watch this to see how to install the spare compression seals into the Draught Dodger mouldings.

    Occasionally the slot in which the compression seal fits is a bit tighter. That does make it hard to fit the seal into the slot. Watch this video to see how to achieve that.

    For Brush Seals: 

    Please watch the video to see how the brushes are inserted into the Draught Dodgers for your double hung windows.


    Q: Can I buy the spare seals in a different colour to what I originally purchased?

    A: Yes. The Compression Seals come in White, Brown or Black. Order what suits your joinery. 

    Q: Does it come in different sizes?
    A: No. There is one size only for the compressive seal. The seal fits into a slot between 2.7mm and 3.0mm and can seal a gap up to 10mm. If you need more than 3 x 2.35m, you will need to order an additional kit.

    Q: It is really hard to get the seal into the slot. What can I do? 
    A: Occasionally the slot in which the compression seal fits is a bit tighter. This does make it hard to fit the seal into the slot. Watch this video to see how to achieve that.


    How will the order be delivered?

    Orders would be delivered through a specialist courier as this kit is 2.4 metres long and is therefore outside of the acceptable dimensions of AusPost.

    Where can you deliver to?

    Orders can be delivered to just about anywhere within Australia. However, if you are in a regional or remote area, the freight costs can become quite high. If you have a drop off address in a larger town or city, freight costs will be considerably lower.

    Why is the shipping cost high?

    Yes, we agree, the cost of freight is high at the moment.

    Add to that, the Draught Dodgers are 2.49 metres long so they carry a loading penalty of $10 on top of normal rates by the freighters.

    City to city, we used to pay $15, now it is between $35 to $38. Unfortunately as a small family business we are no longer able to even partially absorb any of this cost.

    We suggest a cost-effective way forward is to ask a neighbour or friend if they want to add an order with yours as the cost of freight remains the same.

    Can I collect?

    Yes - there is a Pickup option in the check out process.

    Click here to check the collection location, dates and times.
    Please note this is a collection point only and it is not constantly staffed.


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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    Harry Blutstein
    Simple installation

    The seal is easy to install even if you're not a DIY person, as is the case with myself.

    Hi Harry,

    Thank you for sharing that you found the installation process to be simple and easy, even for those who are not DIY experts. We strive to make our products user-friendly for all our customers.

    Stay warm and cozy!

    Bernd H.
    All good

    Great product. Fast delivery

    Thanks for the feedback Bernd!

    Ano I.
    Draught Dodgers

    All good. Love the product & service is excellent.

    Highly recommended within my circle of friends.

    Oh wow, thank you for this flattering review Ano! We're very glad you find our product and service satisfactory! =)