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Door Seal - Draught Excluder RP35 - 3mm to 13mm Gap - How To

Say Goodbye to Draughts with the RP35 Draught Stopper

An ingenious, in-built mechanism sets the RP35 door seal apart from its competitors. An internal blade automatically drops and seals when the door is closed, lifting out of the way when the door is opened.

Whether you have single / double doors, inward / outward opening doors or flat doorstep / outward sloping threshold, we can show you how to create secure door seals that protect against weather and noise.

What you will need:

  • * Pencil
  • * Measuring tape
  • * Drill
  • * Saw
  • * Advanced DIY skills


  • * If your doorstep is dished, you may also need to install a treadplate first, such as the RP95
  • * Order to the closest fit you can which must be longer than your door. 
    * The RP35 can be cut down to exactly fit your door, but must not cut smaller than next size down, otherwise the mechanism will be damaged.
    * The RP35 600mm cannot be cut down.

Find Out More:

Check out our video to find out more. Note that advanced DIY skills are needed to achieve an optimum finish. We do provide phone support if you need help!