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Draught Proofing - RP16 - Double Door Centre Seal - FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions:


Q: What is it?
A: The RP16 is an architectural quality seal that seals the gap between double doors.

Q: How does it work?
A: The RP16 is specially designed for stopping air transfer between double doors. The aluminium carrier is fixed to the edge of one door and its silicon blade seals against the other door. This mechanism provides an excellent seal between your doors.

Q: How hard is it to install and how do I install it?
A: The difficulty in fitting the RP16 can be quite variable. In the easiest circumstance it is simply a matter of cutting to length and screw fitting to the edge of a door. We highly recommend using a pilot drill to prevent the screw fixings from splitting the edge of the door.

Things that make fitting an RP16 more difficult include:
- Needing to check in hinges to ensure a minimum 4mm centre gap.
- Needing to rebate the RP16 around a door latch.
- Needing to rebate the RP16 round concealed edge bolts in the top and the bottom of the inactive door.

There is a detailed instructional video to walk you through the installation of this product. If you are not confident to undertake this level of work then EMV is potentially a better way for you to go for the centre seal.

Q: Are there limitations with using the RP16?
A: There are a couple of limitations to watch out for:

- You will need a minimum of 4mm centre gap. It’s OK if the gap opens up further but in order for the RP16 not to bind you will need a minimum of 4mm. Sometimes the best way of achieving this is to check in the hinges of one or both of the doors.
- The RP16 can only make up a lateral gap of 7mm. If your active door is not plumb with the inactive door by more than this then the silicone blade of the RP16 may not seal against part of the active door. It may be necessary to shift the hinges on the active door so that the face of the the two doors are in the same plane.

Q: How do I know it has been installed properly?
A: When the active door is closed the blade of the RP16 should be sealed against the entire length of the opposite door.

Q: Will my door still function as a door?
A: This product should not prevent your door from its natural function, if you can no longer open or close your door or it’s difficult to operate after installation, then it may have been installed incorrectly.

Q: What do I do if the product is faulty?
A: The ecoMaster return policy can be found on the website. 

Q: Is there a warranty on this product?
A: ecoMaster products carry a 2 year warranty as long as the product is installed according to our instructions.

Q: Is there a warranty on the installation of the product?
A: As it is a DIY product, we cannot provide an installation warranty as the installation process is out of our control.