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Draught Proofing - RP16 - Double Door Centre Seal - How To

RP16 Double Door Centre Seal Makes Draught Proofing Easy

The RP16 French Door astragal seal is a low cost and easy way to reduce draughts in your home, and help improve energy efficiency and comfort. It can be installed on the inside or outside of double doors. Follow our video instructions for easy DIY! And if you do get stuck, our team will happily provide phone support to help you successfully install the RP16 door seal.


What you will need:

  • * Tape measure
  • * Drop saw with metal-cutting blade
  • * Sharp cutting knife
  • * Pencil for marking
  • * Electric drill
  • * Flat file
  • * Screwdriver
  • * Spare material



  • * Best installed on the outside but will need to be installed on the inside if your doors have mushroom stops.
  • * The seal should be cut slightly shorter than the full length of the door to prevent jamming at the top or base.
  • * We recommend always drilling pilot holes to position the device and to prevent splitting along the door’s edge.


Find out more:

Our step-by-step instructional video by ecoMaster’s Technical Director Maurice Beinat shows you how to install the seal yourself from start to finish. Check it out here.