Internal Doors Draught Proofing Kit | How To


The kit comprises EMV seals and two RP2A draught excluders to seal two internal doors.  Both products in this kit have their own installation videos.

Sequence of Installation:

  • Install the draught excluder at the bottom of the door first
    • - The RP2A brush strip seals can be installed on the bottom of either side of internal doors to exclude draughts
  • Install the perimeter seals last. 
    • - To install EMV perimeter seals, you simply apply the seal along the door jamb all the way around, using a simple three-step process of clean, cut and fit, fold and press.
    • - By following the video, you should have your rooms sealed up in no time.

If you do get stuck on anything, our team is on hand to provide phone support so you can install the Internal Door Draught Proofing Kit successfully!

What you will need:

  • Microfibre cleaning cloth damp with vinegar or methylated spirits, or alcohol wipes
  • Measuring tape
  • Pencil
  • Side cutters or pliers
  • Hacksaw
  • Pair of scissors.
  • Non-metallic egg flip or spatula. 

Order of Installation:

Step 1: For the bottom of the two Internal doors (like a bathroom, laundry, toilet or ensuite), you will need the RP2A Draught Excluder, please watch this video.

Step 2: For the sides and top of the two internal doors (like a bathroom, laundry, toilet or ensuite), you will need EMV Slim Line Seals please watch this video.


  • Check the sweep of the door to make sure this is the right product for your home. Watch the ‘how to’ fit an RP2A, which explains how to measure and determine the suitability for your door.
  • Always cut the carrier and brush separately. This protects the brush so bristles won’t fall out.
  • Once the parts are reassembled, either use pliers to squeeze together the end of the carrier so the brush can’t slide out or, watch this video for a better way to do this.
  • Press firmly along the adhesive twice for a strong bond with the door surface.
  • Make sure you have a smooth surface to fit the seal, or it may not adhere properly.
  • When cleaning the door jamb, make sure to get well into the corners at the top.
  • On the latch side, you can apply the EMV straight over the latch mechanism, as the seal will be folded over later.