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Value Poly | Roof and Ceiling Insulation Batts

Value Poly | Roof and Ceiling Insulation Batts

Roof Batts

Victoria Only

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  • 100% Polyester
  • Made from 80% recycled plastic bottles
  • Not itchy, non toxic, non allergenic
  • Australian Made - in Victoria!
  • Generally ships within 2 -3 business days
  • Returns within 30 days


Valuepoly Ceiling Insulation enhances comfort and energy savings in homes and businesses by regulating indoor temperatures. The thermal and acoustic ceiling batts insulate against outdoor temperature extremes and reduce noise transfer between rooms and floors. This creates a quieter, more comfortable indoor space.

Key Benefits:

  • Eco-Friendly & Sustainable: made from 80% recycled plastic bottles
  • Non-Toxic & Non-Irritant: allowing for people friendly installation without the need for gloves, specialised equipment or glass splinters embedded in your skin
  • Fire & Moisture Resistance: polyester insulation is a non-flammable material due to its self-extinguishing properties that prevent it from catching fire. Additionally, it is hydrophobic, meaning it does not absorb water
  • Achieve R6 and R7 in polyester - by double layering R3 / R3.5 ceiling insulation batts
  • Made in Australia: and brought to you by ecoMaster, a family owned (and quality obsessed) business
  • AU/NZ Building Code: is compliant with Australia/NZ building insulation regulations



  • Improves energy efficiency, by reducing loss of heated / cooled air from inside your home
  • Helps maintain a comfortable indoor temperature
  • Provides an extra barrier against unwanted noise
  • Reduces potential for condensation and mould to form inside your roof
  • Reduces the overall carbon footprint of your household


  • Quality solution to last the lifetime of your home
  • Non-irritant, non-toxic, and non-allergenic
  • 80% recycled plastic bottles
  • Hydrophobic - no impacted by water at all
  • Rodents don’t like it and won’t eat it
  • Fireproof - it will not carry a flame
  • 50-year Durability Warranty
  • Australian Made - Manufactured in Victoria
  • People safe
    • - Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) No harmful VOCs
    • - VOC’s formaldehyde content   0
    • - Phenol Content                        0
    • - Ammonida Content                  0
    • - Chloride Content                      0
    • - Ozone Depleting Potential       0
  • Fire safe
    • - Ignitability Index                0
    • - Spread of flame index       0
    • - Heat evolved                     0
    • - Smoke Developed Index   0-3



R - Value



Per Pack

(m2 per

R2.5 155 1170 x 430 8 4.02
R2.5 155 1170 x 580 8 5.43
R3.0 175 1170 x 430 8 4.02
R3.0 175 1170 x 580 8 5.43
190 1170 x 430 6 3.02
190 1170 x 580 6 4.07
210 1170 x 430 4 2.01
210 1170 x 580 4 2.71
230 1170 x 430 4 2.01
230 1170 x 580 4 2.71
2 layers
of 175
1170 x 430 8 2.01
2 layers
of 190
1170 x 430 6 1.51


Please be aware that the material loft (thickness) sizes can vary by plus or minus 10%. The thermal performance of the insulation is not affected by this variation.

In the Ceiling Insulation range, we generally stock

  • R3.0 430mm 
  • R4.5 430mm
  • R6.0 430mm 
  • R7.0 430mm 

The 580mm insulation variant will need to be ordered. There would be around one week’s delay on those orders (depending upon the time of year).

Please call the ecoMaster team on 1300 326 627 to confirm current stock levels, or click on “Chat with us”.



How To

Don't let your expensive heating and cooling go to waste. Value Poly insulation has a range of R-values from R2.5 to R7.0, so you can customise your insulation solution and make sure your home stays at the perfect temperature year-round. No protective clothing required, no on-going costs,corrosion or maintenance.

Safety Notes:

  • Check the switchboard for power and light safety switches, before entering the roof.
  • Be aware of any exposed electrical junctions you find in the roof.
  • Never lay batts over electrical wiring. If there is loose wiring the batts should be fitted under the wiring.
  • To fit insulation over your downlights, they MUST have IC4 rating showing on each downlight.
  • If your down lights are not rated IC4 you MUST ALLOW a non-insulated radius of 200mm around the down light. 

What you will need:

  • Ladder (commercial or industrial grade)
  • Knife/blade
  • Drop sheet to protect carpet
  • Flashlight/headlamp
  • Face protection/mask to reduce dust inhalation
  • Clothes you don't mind getting dirty
  • Gloves
  • Safety glasses
  • Push stick [Learn More] to fit your insulation all the way into the far corners.

Pro Tips:

  • Avoid laying batts in summer, when roof space becomes dangerously hot. If the roof space is hot, limit your time to a maximum of 10 minutes at a time.
  • Early mornings are more suitable if you want to install roof insulation in hot weather.
  • Get someone to help you load material through the manhole.
  • Load all batts you can before you start work, to minimise ladder use.
  • Insulate the manhole cover by measuring, tearing to size, and then glueing.
  • Level any existing loose fill, before laying polyester insulation batts on top.
  • Tear sections of insulation batts to fill gaps in the existing insulation before you start laying the top up layer..
  • Value Poly batts are easy to tear in one direction, and tough as boots in the other. In the vast majority of cases, they can be torn to fit any space.
  • If you really need to cut in the ‘indestructible’ direction, use a long snap-blade knife, press hard and cut down several times. 


Q: Can Value Poly Roof Insulation Batts be used in my Climate Zone?
A: Value Poly Polyester Roof Insulation batts can be used in climate zones 4, 6, 7, & 8 which covers all of Victoria.

Q: What about the installation, is there a warranty for ceiling insulation installation?
A: As it is a DIY product, we cannot provide an installation warranty - the installation process is outside of our control. If you are unsure of installation practices please refer to:

Q: Is Value Poly Polyester Ceiling Insulation easy to install?
A: Installing ceiling insulation may be easy or challenging depending on your home's specific attributes.

  • Handling the insulation is easy, as it is 100% polyester and does not contain any fibres that make you itch.
  • Accessibility can be challenging with low sloping roofs and roofs containing a lot of infrastructure.
  • Insulation can be difficult to install in areas that are difficult to reach.

Q: What is the difference between Value Poly and the other ceiling insulation?
A: Good question. Valuepoly is an excellent choice for those individuals who want all the benefits of a great polyester roof insulation product but at a more affordable price. When budget is a priority Value Poly is the best choice.

Q: What do I do about halogen downlights in my ceiling?
A: If your home is fitted with halogen down-lights, it is best to replace them prior to installing ceiling insulation so that the best possible ceiling coverage can be achieved.  Aside from the fire risk and draught concerns associated with down-lights, LED downlights that are IC4 (IC standing for Insulation Contact) rated can be insulated over the top.  Refer your electrician to Rule of Australian Standard AS:NZ 3000.

Q: Can you lay insulation on top of old insulation?
A: If you have existing ceiling insulation, rest assured that it can remain in place. You should level out any existing loose-fill insulation, or fill in any gaps in your existing batts, before topping up with our high quality product to ensure the best thermal protection for your home.



Please note that in order to keep freight low, or to allow a pick-up option, all “Made to Order” products will be bundled with one of our regular stock orders. If you need to expedite a made to order product, please call our friendly team on 1300 326 627.  

How will my order be delivered?

We will inform you to make a mutually convenient time for your delivery. An ecoMaster driver will deliver your order to your door and help stack it where you want it. 

Where can you deliver to?

Orders can be delivered to just about anywhere within Victoria. However, the freight costs can become relatively high if you are in a regional or remote area.

Consider collaborating with your neighbors to share the freight price as it is the same whether there are a few bags or the truck is filled to capacity. 

Can I collect my order?

Yes - there is a pickup option in the checkout process.

Click here to check the collection location, dates and times. 
Please note this is a collection point only and is not constantly staffed.


Q: What is the product warranty for Value Poly?
A: Value Poly carries a product warranty of 50 years, but can be highly effective for much longer than that. We have not yet seen a 'failed' polyester product. It is incredibly robust and is not damaged by the elements that would generally damage other types of insulation, such as water, termites or breakdown of the glues that hold glass fibres together.  

Q: What is the installation warranty for Value Poly?
A: As Value Poly is a DIY product there is no warranty on installation.  

To get the best value for your investment, please, PLEASE watch the installation videos before you proceed.  

If you have any questions, contact the ecoMaster team.  We are all ex-installers and have done this work thousands of times before.  We are here to help you.

Q: What do I do if I have a problem with this product?  
A: Refer to our Returns / Refunds page [Learn More].  Our Research and Development team will be keenly interested to learn of any product failure and will want images and samples of the product (if possible) so they can determine what the cause of failure was.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Good all round

Very helpful people at Ecomaster made pickup super easy.
These batts are a great material to work with .

Hi T.R,

Thank you for your 5 star rating. We appreciate your support and can't wait to exceed your expectations every time you choose us!

Rosalind Marulanda

Great service good price !

Hi Rosalind,

on behalf of our team at ecoMaster, thanks so much for the marvelous 5 star review. It means a lot to us!

Martin S.
Great product. Great value for money.

I had a difficult retrofit insulation job that required lots of handling of the insulation and getting it into difficult places. The product really keeps it's shape and is so comfortable to handle I would not have attempted the job with anything else but poly. This product is so much cheaper and frankly better than the other options it's a no brainer.

We are thrilled to see that you rate our Ceiling Insulation so highly Martin! We do think it is the best option out there too! Hearing fabulous reviews like yours really means a lot to us and we take pride in knowing that you have had a great experience with our product.
Thank you for choosing ecoMaster.

Wim B.
Good people - good product

Good people - good product

Thanks Wim! Its really good to read feedback from good clients as well.

Alissa R.
So easy to work with

Easy to tear into perfect sized pieces when you're up in the roof. Highly recommend this product.