Polyester Ceiling Insulation Pack

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Material for Ceilings.

Make your home cosy from the ceiling down with the most effective insulation and fitting technique.

What it is...

There are may types of ceiling insulation and many things to consider when choosing the best ceiling insulation for your home. ecoMaster's product is 100% polyester and is selected based on its exceptional quality and long term effectiveness.  We've returned to ceilings more than ten years after installing polyester batts to find that they are still exactly how we installed them!  Thick, robust and no evidence of rodent damage


Why use it...

Did you know that a tiny 5% gap in your ceiling insulation reduces the effectiveness of your insulation by 50%!  Ceiling Insulation is the most important insulation you can install in your home.  Without it your home simply can't be energy efficient.

Often we find that, while many homeowners agree that insulation is important and they assume that they have some level of insulation in their ceiling, we rarely meet people who know exactly how much insulation they have overhead.

As you know, heat rises.  This means in the winter, an uninsulated ceiling will let your expensive heating escape up through the ceiling.  No matter how much you turn up your heater, you'll be struggling to keep warm and the only thing going up will be your bills!

In summertime, the radiant heat from outside becomes trapped in your roof space, letting the severe outdoor temperatures push down into your home.  If you have an air conditioner, it will be working hard trying to cancel out this heat; costing you a fortune and not really cooling down the house at all.

How it works...

The performance of insulation is measured in terms of R value, which stands for 'Resistance Value'.  The Building Code of Australia requires a minimum value for new homes of R3.5 in the Melbourne area and R4.3 in colder areas of Victoria (excluding plasterboard rated at R0.7).

Folllow this guide to determine whether or not your home is properly protected.

Our polyester insulation batts are fitted between your ceiling joists enabling complete coverage for optimal effectiveness.

430mm R2.0 R2.5 R3.0 R3.5 R4.0 R4.5
COVERAGE 5.99m2 3.99m2 3.99m2 2.99m2 2m2 2m2
PACK SIZE 12 8 8 6 4 4
580mm R2.0 R2.5 R3.0 R3.5 R4.0 R4.5
COVERAGE 8.07m2 5.38m2 5.38m2 4.04m2 2.69m2 2.69m2
PACK SIZE 12 8 8 6 4 4

When to use it...

Most ceilings are eligible for ecoMaster's polyester ceiling batts to be installed, providing there is an existing man-hole providing access to the roof space.  We can even install around any heating and cooling ducts you may have in your roof space.  Cathedral ceilings and flat (skillion) roofs cannot be treated by ecoMaster because they do not provide adequate access.

If you have existing ceiling insulation, rest assured that it can remain in place.  Our installers will level out any existing loose-fill insulation, or fill in the gaps in your existing batts, before topping up wth our high quality product to ensure the best thermal protection for your home.

If your home is fitted with down-lights, it is best to replace them prior to installing ceiling insulation so that the best possible ceiling coverage can be achieved.  Aside from the draught concerns assocaited wit down-lights, it is mandatory to allow an uninsulated portion of ceiling around them from a fire-safety perspective.

The benefits...

  • High performance for optimal efectiveness
  • Eco friendly comprimising 45% recycled compnent
  • Non-irritant, non-toxic, non-allergenic
  • Manufactured in Australia
  • High quality solution that lasts the lifetime of your home
  • 50 year Durability Warranty
  • ISO9001 Quality Certification
  • ISO4001 Enviroment Management System Certification

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