Joisties Adhesive | Steel Underfloors | Description

Joisties Adhesive is essential when you're using Joisties for insulating steel-framed floors.

Joisties are semi-rigid boards made from heat-bonded polyester fibres. These 1-metre long boards are glued to the underside of steel joists to hold up your polyester underfloor insulation and insulate your steel framing.

We've chosen H.B. Fuller Tool Box Original as the perfect adhesive for our Joisties. This non-toxic, superior performing product is easy to apply. It creates a durable, waterproof bond so Joisties stay securely in place.

Steel-framed floors need special consideration because steel transfers cold through your feet and into your body. Any gaps in floorboards will also allow draughts to filter through, making the room temperature unstable. Heating or cooling can be adjusted if you’re prepared to pay the high cost.

Floor insulation can help reduce heat loss by around 20% in winter and keep cool air where it belongs in summer. Stable temperatures improve your home’s energy efficiency and comfort. And that’s a win for you and your bank balance!

Under steel floor insulation is ideal but can be tricky to install. The best insulation to use is Polyester Insulation, but that cannot be stapled to steel joists. There are alternatives to adhering insulating strips with other adhesives. These options can be messy to use, slow to apply, have limited sticking power and may off-gas for a period of time.

Joisties Adhesive is high grade and does have staying power. Just dab along the centre of each Joistie then press them firmly against box or C section steel joists. Magnetic Joisties Fitting Tools make it simple to fit Joisties in the right position while the adhesive sets.

The Joisties system is one of the highest rated underfloor solutions for steel frame floors. This cost-effective solution creates a steel frame thermal break so your floors are insulated effectively. It’s DIY-friendly and easy to install with the Joisties Fitting Tools and Joisties Adhesive, with no mess and no fuss.

Choose ecoMaster’s Joisties – we’ve got you covered.