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Tim Forcey - My Efficient Electric Home Handbook

Tim Forcey - My Efficient Electric Home Handbook

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Available: 18th June 2024

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Hey there, energy warriors! Ready to crack the code to a comfier, cheaper-to-run home with Tim Forcey’s book "My Efficient Electric Home Handbook"? This isn't just any book—it's your secret weapon against those pesky high energy bills, courtesy of Tim's adventures from chemical engineer to Melbourne's home energy hero.

Starting over a decade ago, after Tim got tired of forking out cash just to keep the lights on, he decided to shake things up. With a track record of jazzing up over 1,000 homes and some big thumbs up from AGL and their 800,000 customers, Tim's no stranger to the limelight. His energy wisdom has hit headlines from The Age Domain to ABC radio, making him a household name in energy efficiency.

Inside "My Efficient Electric Home Handbook," Tim spills the beans on how to lift you home's energy game. We're talking nifty DIY projects that won't break the bank, sprinkled with a ton of geeky, but easy-to-digest, technical know-how.

And it’s not just about tweaking your digs; it’s a full-blown movement! With over 115,000 members in his Facebook group, "My Efficient Electric Home," Tim's creating a tribe of savvy, eco-friendly homeowners ready to take charge of their energy use.

So, if you’re itching to dial down those bills and crank up the comfort, Tim's handbook is your go-to guide. Dive into this transformative world, join forces with Tim and a growing gang of energy-efficiency enthusiasts, and start making your home a lean, green, comfort machine today!


This handbook isn’t just a manual; it’s your gateway to a home transformation.

Tim Forcey doesn’t just show you how to turn down the thermostat—he shows you how to turn up your home’s efficiency game! Dive in and start saving like a boss.

Expert Guidance with a Twist: Authored by Tim Forcey, not just an expert but a veritable energy-saving wizard with a decade of spell-casting (aka advising) in home energy efficiency.

DIY Projects You'll Actually Enjoy: Packed with easy-to-follow DIY projects that won’t just gather dust on your shelf. These are actionable, effective, and, dare we say, fun ways to zap your energy bills.

Everything But the Energy Sink: From basic energy-saving spells to advanced incantations, this handbook covers it all. It’s like the encyclopedia of energy efficiency but way cooler.

Tales from the Trenches: Features case studies and real-world examples from over 1000 home assessments, where energy bills go to die.

Star-Studded Shoutouts: Tim’s wisdom has lit up major Australian media platforms, adding that celeb sparkle to the solid advice within.

Pocket More, Spend Less: Uncover secret strategies to dramatically reduyce your home's energy bills.  Its like finding money behind the couch, but every month. 

Comfort Without the Cost:  Learn techniques to keep your home comfy without turning it into a bank-breaking oven or icebox.

Save the World, Stay in Pajamas: Make an environmental impact from the comfort of your home by implementing Tim’s sustainable solutions.

Brain Gains: Amp up your understanding of energy efficiency. By the end, you’ll be dropping knowledge bombs at dinner parties like a pro.

Join the Cool Club: Gain entry to an exclusive community of over 100,000 like-minded folks in the "My Efficient Electric Home" Facebook group. It’s like the VIP lounge for energy savers.


1 very easy to read, totally compelling, book.

But seriously - this is the PERFECT present for your green enthusiast friends - and those who could be green enthusiasts … but don’t know it yet.

You might consider buying one of the bundles and start sharing the love with family and friends. 

There is even a Community Buy of 20 books for those who are serious about energy savings for themselves and their community. 

Book dimensions: 20.8cm x 13.8cm x 2cm 
Plus the ecoMaster bookmark - filled with discounts and special deals. 



Super Easy.

How To

Ah, the elusive "How To" section for Tim Forcey's book, "My Efficient Electric Home Handbook."  Normally, this is where you'd find a nifty video demonstration on installation techniques, maybe even Tim himself in action. But alas, it's a book!

So, here’s how to "install" this knowledge into your life:

Crack Open the Cover: Like lifting the lid on a treasure chest.

Flip the Pages: Each page turn is a step closer to mastering your home's energy efficiency.

Digest the Content: Absorb the wisdom like your home absorbs heat on a hot summer day.

Implement the Tips: Apply the strategies room by room, much like laying down new flooring.

Repeat as Necessary: Unlike a one-time install, this guide encourages ongoing upgrades.

Think of reading this book as installing software for your home. No tools or tech support is needed—just you, this book, and a commitment to slashing those energy bills and boosting comfort.

It’s a DIY project with a twist, where the manual is your secret weapon.

Get ready to transform your living space, one energy-saving tip at a time!


Q: Can this book really teach me to lower my energy bills, or is it just a lot of hot air?

A: Oh, it's the real deal! "My Efficient Electric Home Handbook" isn't just blowing smoke. Packed with electrifying insights from Tim Forcey, a wizard in the arts of kilowatt-crunching, this book will zap your high energy bills faster than you can say "switch off that light!" It's your secret weapon against the utility companies.

Q: Will reading this book make my home as cool as Tim Forcey’s?
A: Absolutely, if cool means slashing energy costs and boosting efficiency! While we can't promise your home will suddenly look like Tim’s (because let’s face it, every castle is unique), following his sage advice will definitely turn your pad into a fortress of sustainability and comfort. So yes, you’ll be cool, eco-cool.

Q: What if I can't even change a lightbulb; is there hope for me with this DIY energy-saving stuff?
A: Fear not! Tim Forcey's guide is designed for even the most tool-challenged among us. You'll go from zero to hero in home efficiency, learning to wield energy-saving tools with the finesse of a seasoned pro. Think of Tim as your personal energy efficiency Yoda, lifting you from the dark side of excessive energy use. 

And once you have read the book, ecoMaster is here to help you implement it! 


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Imagine a life where every read comes with a guarantee – that’s almost what you get with Tim Forcey’s "My Efficient Electric Home Handbook."

While we can’t promise a formal warranty on life changes, think of this book as your personal guarantee against inefficiency.

Dive into its pages and it’s like signing a contract for lower energy bills and more comfort at home.

A cheeky promise? Perhaps.

But with Tim’s guide in hand, you’re essentially equipping yourself with all the tools needed to transform your living space into a model of energy efficiency.

Consider it a warranty for a better home environment!

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