4 x Window Double-Hung/Sash Windows Draught Proofing Kit | 4 Windows | FAQ

Q: How do the draught dodgers work? Will I still be able to open and close my windows after this is installed?

A: Yes, you will still be able to open and close your window. Draught Dodgers work by adding brush seals onto the bottom and sides of the lower sash of your double hung windows to provide an effective seal to block unwanted draughts. There is also a centre “V” seal (EMV) that stops the draught at the join between the upper and lower sashes. 

Q: I installed this myself, and the window won’t open properly, what should I do?
A: Assuming that the window was able to open properly before the installation, the most likely cause is that the EMV seal is catching on the window latch. When this happens, the back of the EMV can hook into the latch keeper mounted on the upper sash. If this is the case, use scissors or a craft knife and cut a “V” into the back edge of the EMV at the latch keeper. The product will still function properly when doing this. Please be sure to watch the installation video carefully as it shows how to cut the notch before installing the EMV. 

Q: If the upper sash of my window opens, how do I draught proof it?
A: In most cases, the upper sash is painted shut. If your upper sash still functions, draught proofing it will require another Draught Dodgers For Double-Hung windows, which can be fitted upside down on the outside of the frame. If the outside of the window is in full weather, it’s a good idea to use small brads to nail the Draught Dodgers onto the frame. 

Q: After it is installed, is it permanent?
A: It is a permanent solution that will eliminate unwanted air leaking in around windows and doors when installed correctly according to the instructions. Be sure to follow the instructions on cleaning and pressing out to ensure good adhesion. 

Q: What happens if I put it on the wrong way round?
A: You will need to take it off and buy a replacement Draught Dodgers for Double Hung kit. Be sure to watch the instructional installation videos to avoid this mistake. Click here 

Q: What do I do if I install the product and feel no difference?
A: If you have installed the product and do not feel a difference, there are two possible reasons.

  1. You may not have installed the product correctly according to the instructions.
  2. There may be more significant draughts in your home. You would have to find out where they are and decide how to treat them.  Start with the Draught Proofing Information Hub.

Q: If it keeps in warm air in winter, will my home overheat in summer?
A: Draught Dodgers are designed to eliminate uncontrolled ventilation. By draught proofing, every opening is gently and effectively sealed off to keep unwanted air leakage at bay, prevent the outdoor temperature from affecting your indoor comfort, and minimise the need for additional heating and cooling. Draught proofing will prevent the hot summer winds entering your home. When combined with other energy efficiency measures, your home can be a cool haven in summer without excessive dependence on air conditioning. 

Q: How do I know if it fits perfectly in place?
A: To install the product in the perfect place, use the installer packer in the kit which ensures that the brush applies the correct amount of pressure against the sash. 

Q: How long will it take for me to install this product?
A: The first time you install this product is going to take the longest, but if you have multiple windows this time will get quicker.

It takes ecoMaster installers about 35 minutes per window, so expect to take about 1 hour the first time you install the product. 

Q: I want to paint my draught dodgers. What should I watch out for?
A: Raw Timber Draught Dodgers can easily be stained or painted either before fitting or after fitting. The White Aluminum Draught Dodgers can be painted. Please note that only the brush seals cannot be painted and only come in black.